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Not Even Close

To say that this man resembles Tom Brady is ludicrous. But apparently some in the media confused him for the New England Patriot's quarterback. Get glasses people.

Note: "Not Even Close" credited to TP.

Winter's Delay

Today's forecast in Chicago is 60 degrees. Where's winter? I'm not sure but I have no complaints that it hasn't arrived yet. Don't get me wrong, it will come - but hopefully later and without much fanfare. I only feel sorry for the little flowers that are confused and think it's late March. They're in for quite the shock eventually.

Starts Tonight!

Ru Paul's Drag Race starts tonight, 9/8 Central on Logo. Now, lip sync for your life.

PTT Enjoys Chris Zylka

We're a big fan of the CW's Secret Circle. Dark magic + attractive cast = FUN. One that fits the equation is Chris Zylka. Sure, he's a bit skinny, but there's something about him that I find very appealing - especially in the photo above. It's good to know he was born in 1985 so I don't feel like such an old creep.

Crayola Continues Its Winning Streak

There's one brand out there today that continues to impress me with their product innovation: Crayola. Their latest, the Crayola Crayon Maker with Story Studio, melts crayons down and re-forms them into one-of-a-kind designer crayons. Amazing. Creativity taken to the next level - providing kids a way to customize their projects even further.


Because of the flooding in Sindh, Pakistan in 2010, the spiders crawled up and into the trees to escape. Spine tingling yet amazing. How that little girl can be standing under the tree is beyond me. Ugh.

Enjoying Max Ryan

On a lazy Saturday, where I'm resting on the couch trying to recover from a horrible cold I caught last week, I'm watching Sex and the City 2. I haven't seen the film for a few years so I thought it would be good entertainment. I remember it was bad. What I don't remember was Max Ryan who plays Rikard Spirt. Very handsome.

Photo of the Day

I guess this is one way to hold on tight.

It's That Simple

As stated by Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg in New Jersey, "...We do not put civil rights questions on the ballot."

Thanks Ellen

Mario Lopez has a new underwear line coming out. So he literally put himself out there on Ellen today. I'm not complaining.

If you're like me and wondering why there's only two original songs nominated this year for an Oscar, look no further for an answer. Apparently song nominees are determined only by the Academy's music branch of voting members who watch sections where the music is played and nothing else - no opening or closing credits for example.

Voters then assign each song a numerical score between 1 and 10. If a song receives less than an average of 8.25, it's dropped. If there's only one song that tops the threshold, then the next highest vote getter secures a nomination as well. All of which means this year you're left with two songs, "Man or Muppet" from the Muppet Movie and "Rio" from, you guessed it, Rio.

I think it's safe to say the Muppets will walk with this one. Hopefully they'll perform! Check it out below.

An Almost Naked Dan Cortese

It's been a while since I've seen Dan Cortese on TV. Looks like he's been hitting the gym instead of auditioning - as witnessed on TV Land's Hot in Cleveland.

Hello Geoff

I don't watch The Finder, but the previews featuring star Geoff Stults make me want to check it out for one reason: Geoff Stults. He's kinda hot.

New Monkey Beats

A few peeps are clamoring for a new Monkey Beats because they've literally worn out the previous set. So yesterday, I created the "F**K Mix" - featuring some hot tracks with the swear word prominently highlighted in the beats. New tracks by Scissor Sisters and Michael Jackson along with my favorite remixers Dave Audé and Ralphi Rosario complete the set. Check out the one-click-to-download link HERE.

All About the F**K

My friend Tylin has been raving about this song since Greece back in August. But quite frankly, I wasn't feeling Sak Noel's Loca People until this week. Now, I'm totally digging it! And oddly enough, it's the third song I've fallen in love with that features the word F**K. Check it out below.

More Fake

I've said all along that I'd bet money that that goofy Kardashian family would film new scenes for their reality show that make Kim out to be an angel in her divorce. According to published reports this week, turns out I was right. Duh!

Body Fuzion

Body Fuzion with Drew Barrymore still gets me every time. Classic sketch comedy with the impeccable Kristen Wigg.

Potato Chip Guy - All the Way

Forget the Taco Bell 12 pack and it's carrier. I'll take the lazy and just woke-up potato chip guy.

Where's Jessie?

I noticed on someone's FB wall that they posted the question, "Where have you been Jessie Pavelka?" I wonder the same thing? Where has he been? So I Googled Jessie - trying to learn of any recent news. Not much. Barely any new photos. I did uncover the one above where he looks slightly different than before - more boyish? Not as rough perhaps? Maybe it's the hair and dark features. I prefer the more rugged Jessie. But don't get me wrong, I'll take either.

Atta Boy George

George Clooney continues to demonstrate his passion for equality. Thank you George for continuing to speak out against those who feel the gay and lesbian communities are less-than-equal.

Brown Diapers

Dolce & Gabbana's fall/winter 2012/2013 hit the runway this week in Milan. Nothing screams fashion like a brown diaper.

Just One Fine Dude

Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry's former man, is one fine looking dude. Just sayin'.

Treat Yo Self

If you ever find yourself questioning a special purchase, just stop and repeat, "Treat Yo Self."

Happy MLK Day

Keeps Getting Bigger!


After just two episodes, ABC cancelled it's cross dressing "comedy" Work It. Bosom Buddies was a hit - because it was funny for the times. Work It wasn't funny at all - no matter what time of day, week, year or decade you watched it.

Starting Soon!

RuPaul's Drag Race starts January 30 on Logo! Check UR local listings for more details.

Almost Lost

Yesterday I ventured into the crawl space under the new part of the house. The dogs tagged along. Unfortunately, the door closed - and locked! So I had to bust my way out as I wasn't waiting 7 hours for Chris to come home. The scary part is what if the door had been secured and Chris was out of town? How long would it have taken for someone to find me? I'm thinking a few days as nobody would be surprised when I didn't show up for dinners or cocktails. If anything, the people most likely to wonder where I was would be those who work the front desk at the gym!

Magic Mike Preview

Channing Tatum's new film Magic Mike sounds intriguing. Of course, Channing shirtless helps up the curiosity.

Mom Alert: Brazil's Junior Homem #3 Magazine

I'd like to stay in this house. Especially bunking with the middle Brazilian in the first picture above. Can I have my keys please? Thanks Oh La La for the images.

Best of Consuela

We love us some Consuela from Family Guy. Check out a reel of some of her best work HERE.

Now I Gotta Cut Loose...

Because of my belly ache all day long, I decided to skip dinner with friends. Instead, I'm at home watching Footloose for the first time with a bowl of chicken noodle soup. I can't believe I've never seen the 80s film that launched the career of Kevin Bacon and became synonymous with teen movies with bangin' soundtracks.

PTT Learns About Dan Hartman

Throughout the week, I flip on the 80s channel on XM/Sirius. If I'm lucky, I stumble across a countdown from a specific year. It's always great to hear where songs fell on a specific day within the decade. Today, it's January 7 from 1986. James Brown's Living in America, featured in Rocky IV, just played. Who knew it was written by Dan Hartman - a singer, producer and writer with big hits such as I Can Dream About You? Check out his work below.

PTT Suggests: Nick Dothée

My friend Hekk passed along a newly released single by his friend Nick Dothée. It may not be my kind of music, but I'm happy to help pass along the efforts of a struggling artist looking to break big. If you like Josh Grobin, you might go for it! Check out the single on iTunes HERE and learn more about Nick HERE.

Beckham Body Wear Line

Goes on sale Feb. 2. Just in time for your Valentine. Of all the looks, the first is my fave. Black. Simple. Sexy. Click on the image for a closer look.

Size Does Matter

Crazy to think that so much attention is given to Iowa's caucuses when only 118,000 people voted. Talk about a small sampling! And when I watched some interviews with those passing their judgement on Presidential hopefuls, I was shocked at how much religion plays a role in their decision. Aren't we to have a separation of Church and State? That and it sure sounded like they were using their beliefs to condemn others. Just sayin'.

Bathtubs and Cialis?

Why do all the handsome men in Cialis commercials end up in individual bathtubs next to their favorite lady?

Beckham Debuts H&M Underwear Line

Beckham is back at it again - this time not for Armani but for H&M. His body wear line debuts around Valentine's Day for the hip Swedish retailer. And as before, in promotional materials, his goods seem to be front center (and quite large).

Odd Pairing

I find it odd that hottie Taylor Kinney is dating Lady Gaga. The two just don't seem to go together.

New Scissor Sisters

Not quite what I expected. On one level, it's a catchy. On the other, the chorus seems weak. So I'll need a few more listens to firmly establish an opinion. Judge for yourself below.

PTT Recommends: The Artist

I don't recommend movies very often. But this past weekend, we caught The Artist. French director Michel Hazanvicius takes you back with a simple tale set in the last 1920s. Sans dialogue, you are treated to a film with a witty sensibility that stands above today's boring sequels and unoriginality in Hollywood.

Happy New Year

This is how I rang in the New Year - with Ryan, Dick, Gaga and Bloomberg (on ABC of course). Sure, as I look back on my evening, it was a bit depressing. What drove it home was an exchange I had with a friend.

Me: It's just another night. There are plenty other nights to celebrate.

Him: But you don't celebrate those either. Ha.

All of which made me realize one of my New Year resolutions will be to get out a more. Because there will be a day when I don't have a choice between sitting on the couch and celebrating with friends out and about in the big city.