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I ordered business cards last week for Red Tomato Communications. I received them yesterday. And the first comment Chris made was, "Where's your name?" Yes ladies and gentleman, I forgot to put my name on my business card. So, I'll be placing another order today. I probably looked at the design 50 times before I submitted the artwork. I guess I was more focused on the creative work then the details. That's always my problem.

Forget Singing, Ricky Does Impersonations!

Ricky Martin doesn't seem to do much these days except pose for photos. I'm okay with that, however. I'm sure many of you are too. Check him out in People En Espanol's "Los Mas Bellos 2009" where he's impersonating Marlon Brando.

Mistaken Identity

If this is what Facebook thinks is going to attract me to the advertiser noted, boy are they mistaken.

The Housing Report

After tearing off the vinyl siding, we discovered clapboard that's in great condition. As a result, no siding required!

The newly relocated (and smaller) window has now found a home in our 2nd floor guest bathroom.

Our exit to our sundeck, along with big, bright windows, are now installed in the master bedroom.

Because we're renovating our house to fall in line with historical preservation guidelines (and thus receiving the tax credit that accompanies the certification), we're restoring the original pulley windows in the front of the house by stripping off the paint.

We didn't realize how big the back extension would be. The vaulted ceiling in the kitchen, which leads out to the back porch, seems as large as the original house (which is good as now we feel as though we're getting our money's worth). So we'll have a nice outdoor space to use all year long.

An interior view of the kitchen with soon-to-be window installed that overlooks the new back porch and yard.

A snapshot of what will become the family room off the kitchen with a large window that overlooks the yard (and eventual Koi pond I hope).

As I turned a corner downtown today, I saw a pigeon land near a pool of resting water filled with oil and gunk. As the pigeon tip-toed up to the puddle to sip the water, I wondered how the bird doesn't die from what it was about to drink.

Countdown 2 Eurovision 2009

Eurovision begins in just under a month. Get ready for all the cheesy action by checking out, representing Montenegro, Andrea Demirovic's Just Get Out of My Life.

No Florist Required

As the trees outside of our temporary apartment bloom, I thought about plucking a few branches to bring inside. The vivid hues of lime green are beautiful. I soon realized, however, that where I'd place the branches indoors (in front of the plate glass window) is almost exactly where they live in nature outdoors. So, no pruning required!

Miss Piggy Detained

Due to the Swine Flu outbreak, Miss Piggy was detained at the US/Mexican border on Monday, April 27, 2009.

I was just getting ready to step out the door today, headed for the gym, when I found the latest remix for this new artist who has had her first two singles shoot to the top of the charts - a first since Christina 10 years ago. Check it out HERE. Is the remix as strong as her previous singles? No. But fun none-the-less (and sure to be played across America this summer).

Movies in May

What a month of movies May will be! And that's a good thing as I haven't seen more than two months since our return. But with Wolverine's release next weekend, then Star Trek, followed by Terminator, I'll be finding myself inside a local cinema every weekend in May (as I'm sure there will be something released over Memorial Day that's a must see).

I'll Show U Crazy

American's yesterday shelled out over $11.2 million dollars to see Beyonce stir up some crazy in Obsessed. Another low for this weekend (just after the introduction of Domino's Bread Bowl Pasta).

This Explains It

And people wonder why American's are so frickin' fat. Load up a pizza dough bowl with even more carbs for a delicious meal that's sure to skyrocket your insulin and store all that blubber. And these people are the same ones who 20 years dow the road will start suing Domino's for not labeling their product as "fat inducing."

I Want a Roomba!

I Swiffer the floor almost every day. With a dog and a cat, I'm forced to constantly clean our flat. But now that I've watched numerous Roomba videos, like the one below, I've decided I want one immediately. I was worried the robot would have trouble cleaning over carpets or cords, but it seems to handle every task thrown at it. So, I just sent Chris a note stating my need for a Roomba. Maybe I'll get it for our 13 year anniversary!

Club Fridays?

As I just found a new release by one High School Musical star who recently had a nose job, I'll be listening to all versions today at the gym. So check back later to see if it made the cut. Right now, it looks (or hears) promising.

PTT Entertainment Report

A PTT insider gave me the scoop on five new Whitney Houston tracks. Three were dance. Two were ballads. Sure, we've heard the stories before about an eventual release date, but with this news comes the belief that it may actually happen.

Summer Motivation Series

Considering it's going to be 80 degrees today in Chicago, it only makes sense to post another Summer Motivation Series.

Red Tomato Creative Communications is Born

Because I've been asked for business cards on my most recent visits to possible clients, I decided to create business cards. This creative endeavor also required me to imagine a business name. So, this week I've been bubbling the big ideas. The result? I'm proud to announce the launch of Red Tomato Creative Communications.

I'm sure you're thinking, "WTF?" That's the idea. I wanted something unexpected. That, and when I'm asked exactly what I do, my response is, "My experience is hard to categorize as I've done it all it seems." So, because this parallels most people's inability to categorize a tomato as a fruit or vegetable, I thought the red icon was appropriate to best represent my new creative communications company.

Red Tomato Creative Communications is born.

Note: Unfortunately, the white business card doesn't frame out in the image above. But you get the idea. Simple, crisp graphic against a white background. The flip side has an exaggerated red tomato as the background with the tagline, "No matter how you slice it, we've got you covered. Creative Development and Execution. Strategic Planning. Internal and External Communications. Special Event Production."

A Funny Text From Chris

"Greetings from China! We are driving down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere to a toy factory. Old lady on her bike just passed us!"

What a Week Ahead

Time 2 Set the DVR

I don't watch the new 90210. But now that I saw Christopher McDaniel on a still from the show, I might need to set my DVR.

"Bag of Weed"

This past Sunday, Family Guy did it again with their musical number, "Bag of Weed." Check it out below. Sorry for those overseas who can't view the clip. Believe me, it's funny. Think Mary Poppins on, well, weed.

My Ancestors Would B Proud

Check out Talang 2009 - Sweden's version of Britain's Got Talent. Something tells me these four lads would never see the light of day in the UK (or America for that matter). High-larious!

Let's Play a Game

Dave Lutman wants to play a game. Name something that is hard to classify. For example, many people don't know if a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable. Email me your thoughts by clicking the "Email Me!" icon to the right.

I had lunch today with a friend who turned me on to this remix of a song from last year. This "doll's" single didn't ride up the charts, but this remix by one of PTT's favorite remixers has some funky dance overtones. I believe I posted a version by Ralphi, but both can live on your iPod. Check it out HERE.

Gaga Does Schlag

That Lady Gaga is one quirky gal. Check out her latest performance of Poker Face from Germany. Love the pirate hat.

Teaches Her Right

Good thing Ms. California didn't win. Her botched answer to Perez Hilton's question about gay marriage isn't the answer many gay men in the audience were hoping to hear. She stated, " my country..." It's "our" country you silly twit - meaning we all belong and should have equal rights. And no, we can't chose. You can. We can't.

I saw a woman talking to herself today as I pulled up to a red stoplight. I wondered, "Who is she talking to?" and, "Do they answer back?" They must. Otherwise, you'd think the conversation would be fairly short.

The Housing Report

For those of you who don't know what Chris and I are going through in terms of the house, check out the videos below. The three clips capture what the house looks like as of Friday, April 18th. Let's just say this, "It ain't no small job!" The first is of our basement, the second of the first floor, and the third of the upstairs.

Eventually, this is where a media room, bedroom, guest bathroom, storage and laundry room will be. Hard to imagine.

This video captures me walking through the front door. I first take a peek at our formal living room, then I begin circling around in the foyer where you can look down the house, through the dining room (to which a family room will be on the other side). After the circling has ended, I walk to the stairs going up and a hallway that leads to the kitchen (with a powder room and pantry on your left). The entire back of the house has yet to be framed. But, the concrete was poured!

And finally, on the second floor, I start filming from a top the stairs, with the master bedroom, bath and closet framing next on the clip, followed by the guest bathroom and two bedrooms.

This diva's single and supporting album were released a while back, but mixes for the first track were b-o-r-i-n-g. That is until I found this remix by a hot producer/DJ of the moment. If you like Ms. Gaga's latest #1 remix, the flow, the beat, the energy, you should enjoy THIS one as well. Happy Friday!

What a Cover!

Chris Pine, from the new Star Trek re-boot, looks out of this world (I had to go there) on the new Men's Health cover.

Making a Statement

Don't we all wish we could have left the message below, in the same manner, at some point when (trying) to dine out? Mustard would make a nice statement too.

New Jillz Sparkles Like a Rainbow

Heineken has just introduced Proef Jillz Sparkling Cider in the Netherlands. To roll out the red carpet, the company created the spot below to appeal to the gays and ladies. Who else will appreciate men frolicking in a blue lagoon singing like they're 98 Degrees?

I received an email today from Of course you can imagine my double take as my blog is parked at my website,

As I sat waiting for my 1:00 meeting today in the suburbs, I couldn't help but notice all the badly dressed men as they passed me by. Their pants were too baggy and cinched at the waist with a mismatched belt. Besides that, most of their slacks (yes, slacks) were too short. "Oh dear," I thought.

This single, and remix, was scheduled to be released in the UK this week. But because of it's questionable lyrics, this artist (or the record company) has decided to go in another direction. I wouldn't think the phrase in question, "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick" would keep it off airwaves stateside, but you never know. Take a listen and escape all your tax troubles HERE!

Happy Tax Day!

Hopefully the government is more giving to you than it was for me yesterday. I had to pay thousands. And don't get me started on how much Chris owes.

Good Thing It's Domino's

Just when you think it's safe to go out to eat. Of course, they have to add that they are both gay. I'm sure someone will make a comment about homosexuality driving them to be obnoxious. Check out the video below.

My Thoughts...

With the economy in such a mess, you'd think I wouldn't have to call and follow-up with a home supply store here in Chicago. Chris and I were in visiting Community Home Supply last Thursday where we selected plumbing fixtures for our three and a half bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room. We were to receive an email within two days outlining the costs.

As of today, Tuesday, we hadn't received an estimate. So I was forced to place a call. Sure, I'll get the estimate now this afternoon. But the fact that I had to check-on an order worth more than a pocket full of change, it makes me want to go elsewhere - which we now most likely will.

Whatever It Takes 2 Sell a Ticket

The only reason to see Jason Statham's movies is the possibility of see Jason Statham not wearing any clothes. So now that it's reported that he had to strip down in a shopping mall for a sex scene in Crank 2: High Voltage, I most likely will find myself sitting in a movie theatre when the film gets released this spring.

Zac's Kicks

I'm not a big fan of Zac Efron. He doesn't annoy me. I just wouldn't race out to see his movies (such as this weekend's 17 Again). However, I do love his latest sense of simple style.

For example, I spotted him wearing a pair of black high-top shoes on SNL this weekend (ones he's worn many times before). He even sported them this morning on the Today show. So I began my hunt to find the shoes.

My guess was that they were YSL. Sure enough, I was right. However, I haven't been able to find the pair with white soles vs. all black. I'm hoping Barney's or another high-end retailer carries the high-tops in case I decide to add them to my collection. Then again, with a crazy price tag, a door knob for the house may cancel out my option of making a purchase.

Happy Easter from PTT!

Summer Motivation Series

Blogging Live: Sonic Frito's Chili Cheese Wrap

I just spotted a Sonic commercial featuring their $1 menu. And even though we're a McDonald's family, I have to admit Sonic's Frito's Jr. Chili Cheese Wrap made my mouth water. It appears to be a tortilla filled with Fritos, chili and (surprisingly) cheese. Yum. And it's not like we can eat at McDonald's every day. We need a bit of variety.

I Admit...

It's tough to see the weather so beautiful in Munich (72 degrees and sunny) when here in Chicago, it's barely 45 degrees and cold. Sunny sure. But cold.

Congrats 2 Me

congratulations gif Pictures, Images and Photos
It's official. I just secured an additional client for a four month gig starting April 27th. As it's a part time opportunity, one with about 20 hours per week, I'll be able to continue my relationships with other clients as well - giving me a nice balance through the end of summer. And from there, depending on how the relationship goes, there could be additional work that establishes me as a permanent contract or full-time employee.

I'd like to go celebrate with a Chipotle burrito, but unfortunately, that doesn't fit into our summer fitness routine. Then again, I suppose I could have it "naked," but that's just not the same - on so many levels.

What a Dream

I just tried making my protein shake this morning with Almond Dream. As noted by their marketing folks, the "Non-dairy beverage provides an excellent source of Antioxidants, Vitamins A and E, and is fortified with Vitamins B12, D, and Calcium." Not only did it give my shake a nice, rich nutty flavor, it won me over with it's subtle, creamy texture. And because our new diet plan consists of ensuring there's a healthy fat included in every meal, Almond Dream is a great addition to my morning routine.

What I Find Funny

Check out this video by Jonny McGovern titled 3 Dollar Bill - W is for Work. High-larious.

Love This Bit 4 McDonald's!

I love this clip for McDonald's - especially because they make reference to regional menus and Shamrock Shakes. And just like Stewie says (in reference to not liking fast food), "Shut up and get a salad."

Doom & Gloom Doesn't Mean Cheap

For a city with doom and gloom, you'd think Las Vegas would have had more (or some) $5 tables. If this was the case, maybe I could have played for more than 30 minutes at a time when we visited Sin City last weekend. Then again, our room on average was $159/night so I suppose we were the recipients of value pricing at the Palazzo.

Looking for an upbeat dance tune for spring with hints of Coldplay? Do you love vocals and an energetic beat? Check out a TUNE I stumbled across this morning. I love the violins! It could very well be one of my new favorites. Wait, I take that back. It IS one of my new favorites.


I just found the original mix and video. Makes me love the song even more!

Have U Swapped Jerseys?

Which two will you chose in the Adidas Jersey Swap? I selected player number one and five. I wonder what gay marketing guy thought of this one?

What I Find Funny

My friend Paul just sent me a note that read, "On the bus in Philly and just passed the 'Chocolate City Unisex Hair Salon." What a name. Something tells me they don't sell Wonka Bars.

The Housing Report: April 8, 2009

Today was a fairly exciting day at the house. Not only were the trees trimmed back to give more sunlight to the backyard, I finally made my way into the basement to check out the progress. In addition, I spotted our Marvin windows stacked inside as well as new framing for our master bedroom and bathroom. Now it's getting exciting.

Summer Motivation Series

Now that we're back from Las Vegas, both Chris and I have begun our summer fitness program. We're focusing on low glycemic index foods (ones that don't raise your insulin levels and cause you to store fat) and balancing each meal with plentiful proteins, fruits and vegetables and good fats.

As such, we're in need of as much motivation to stay the course as possible. Hence why pictures like the one below need to be spread around our flat and carried with us - especially when there's cupcakes involved (like last night at American Idol watching party).

The Job Hunt

I've been in discussions with an employer about a Global Communications job now for about seven weeks. Today I found out they are interested in securing me for a contract position over the next four months. After two, we'll assess and determine if we extend the contract, nullify the contract, or possibly bring me onboard full time. Even better, the opportunity will allow me to work from home three or so days a week and travel out to Oak Brook for just two. I'm hoping to wrap up our conversation, including compensation, this week. Because after all, my talent ain't cheap.

All Purpose Blow Dryer

Because mother nature refuses to let Spring start in Chicago, I'm sitting here warming our temporary apartment with a blow dryer. Our radiators don't turn on until later in the day - even though it's only 38 degrees outside. I've complained to the management company but they say I'm the only one calling - which I find hard to believe as this building houses numerous little old ladies. I suppose us living on the 3rd floor has something to do with it as the hot water may not be making it's way to the top.

Weekend in Las Vegas

Adam Lambert Leads the Pack

Adam Lambert, our draw in our American Idol pool, is an odds on favorite to win this year according to THIS article. Let's hope so. Our winnings will buy us a door knob.

The record label decided to pull an 8th single from this artist's album. As such, DJs attacked the single with some fierce remixes - including my favorite from a Chicago resident. Check it out HERE.

"Gimme that Filet-O-Fish..."

When the McDonald's Filet-O-Fish commercial below started running a few months back, I couldn't get the "Gimme that Filet-O-Fish..." tune out of my head. Well, apparently I'm not the only one as the spot has been viewed on YouTube more than 1MM times and has now been turned into a ring tone (which I just downloaded for my iPhone). Sadly, McDonald's has yet to capitalize on the spot's success as the ring tone wasn't available at McDonald's website. What a missed opportunity.

Down But Not Out

Las Vegas didn't get much of our money. We lost only $70 gambling over the course of four days. Sure, we didn't play all day long like our friends Matt and Patrick, but that's okay. Chris, Paul and I stood behind cheering them on. As for the rest of us, some played Wheel of Fortune like Xavier and Kevin and walked with a few dollars in hand. Tom knew when to fold them. Todd and Dollar hung in there without giving up. And Randy, he opted to spend his money on a muscle stimulator rather than the blackjack table.