Pink Trash Travels

As 13 is my lucky number, I'm looking forward to prosperous and happy 2013!

Ending 2012 on a Warm Note

Normally, the Windy City by Dec. 30th has had 9+ inches of snow. To date, we've recorded just under an inch. Even better, we've now recorded 309 days in a row above freezing. Considering I went a bit bonkers the other day when it was snowing, I'd say this is a "good thing."


While watching Pitch Perfect tonight, my friend Paddy and I were distracted by Freddie Stroma who plays Luke. Good thing too. I'm not a fan of Glee and the movie is too similar for my taste. Except for Fat Amy. I've always been a fan of Rebel Wilson.

Maybe Next Year

I waited up Christmas Eve for hot Santa to drop down the chimney. He never showed. But I was happy to receive a Vince sweater I love and a partridge in a pear tree ornament from Chris. Maybe next year.

No Beard Required

It's 10:30 and I'm in bed anxiously awaiting Santa Clause's arrival. Though not the white bearded Kris Kringle. This year I'm dreaming of a beefy St. Nick.


As I was playing around on Facebook tonight, the "People I Should Know" section highlighted Christopher McDaniel. I'm not sure who thinks so, but I agree. He's a handsome, 32 year old actor living in (where else) L.A.

What I Want 4 Christmas

I've never heard of Scribblenauts. But the commercial caught my eye. Well, the guy below did. So Santa, add him to my list please.


Why am I not watching Taylor Kinney in NBC's Chicago Fire? With scenes like these, I should make room in my DVR.

Nice But...

Nice legs "The Rock." Too bad you won't admit steroids helped you to get that "victory." As he notes, "Sometimes the most important victories are just for yourself. LEGS. #5KneeSurgeries #RupturedDiscs #StillFindAWay"

Sporting the Fashion Frames

I got to wear my new fashion frames to a party Friday night. Though, I have to admit, my Warby Parker's made it difficult to see - almost making me trip down a step.

PS - that's my new bestie Tracy on the left. Doesn't she look like Christie Brinkley! So sass n' frass.

Nick Zano is Good BF Material

PTT has made note of Nick Zano in the past. He plays Johnny on Two Broke Girls. But I realized tonight (thanks to my friend DP) that Zano also plays Penny's boyfriend on Happy Endings. He's good BF material apparently. Anybody have his number?

Just What I'm Looking 4

All I Want 4 Christmas is...

If I could wake-up to find Heath Hutchins under my tree, it truly would be a Christmas miracle.

All I Want 4 Christmas...

How could I NOT want Duo's Pinball game that turns your iPad into an arcade favorite?

What I'm Learning

FB Post I Luv

"If I had a time machine, I'd go back about 340 days and tell myself to do a much better job of putting away the Christmas lights."

Makin' New Friends

Sometimes, you think the gay community is small. After all, worlds seem to collide over and over and over again. But at other times, you realize there are people in the same city who never cross your path. So it's good to get out and about because you never know who will come into your life - and for what reason.

Wrong Text

If you're like me, sometimes you receive texts from a wrong number. Tonight, this happened to my friend Patrick. He received the following (from we're guessing a girl in high school). It gave us both a laugh.

"So i left with jerilynn after school bcuz we both had to be in the concert so when we were leaving kenwood we were gunna cross the street but the cars would let us through. So there were like these senior looking highschool boys all hanging out and stuff and we were still trying to cross when one of them... Or maybe he was just some random guy who looked like a senior. Came up and was like come on yall we gon' stop traffic. So it was jerilynn me and two thr like freshman looking girls tht we dont know and we crossed and he was like "ur welcome" but he didnt make eye contact all tht much like he was looking at something else so then i was like thank u and he was like yeah yall b safe n go home n he yo self some food."

Five Rules 4 Happiness

I stumbled across these five points to happiness. Sounds about right. Now let's see if I can follow them:

‎5 Simple Rules for Happiness:

1. Free your heart from hatred
2. Free your mind from worries
3. Live simply
4. Give more
5. Expect less

Take Me Out

Ryan Gosling looks good doing anything - even picking-up Mexican food. Loving the facial hair!

Welcome Back Jay

Jay Harrington joined the cast of "Hot in Cleveland" this season. I wrote of my attraction to him a few years back. But Jay is looking better than ever. Welcome back to TV Jay!

Here's 2 Toast

Ambien, or any other sleeping pill, doesn't really work. I always end up waking up a few hours after taking it. But last night, I tried eating toast and a glass of milk before bed. And sure enough, I stayed mostly asleep (with only a few wake-ups). So, tonight I'll try it again. Here's to toast.

Can't Wait

Bartender Sandwich?

Speaking of wedding, at the reception that followed, we all were entertained by the hot bartenders. Matt and Michael hand picked the staff so the gays would enjoy grabbing a cocktail. Many wanted to grab much more - including me and the one on the left (Travis) or the one on the far right (Mark). Or both really.

Big Apple Wedding

My friends Matt and Michael got married this weekend in NYC. So I ventured to the Big Apple for some fun - and fun it was!

My New Purchase

I didn't buy much while in NYC this weekend. But I did find some smart fashion frames (no prescription) to make me look smart (once in a while).