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Gaga's Born This Way Video Premiere

No one can say Lady Gaga doesn't make a creative statement - in person or through her videos. Her latest for Born This Way is a long form attempt filled with odd imagery, semi-nude dancing and crazy costumes sure to spark a frenzy at Halloween. Check it out below.

Snarking! The Oscars

It's 7:30 CT and the Academy Awards show on ABC has begun. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be bombarded with PTT snarking throughout the evening.

What a cute couple, James Franco and Anne Hathaway.

Is it me, or does James Franco look a bit stoned. Hum?

Enough with the past, let's focus on the present. No wonder this show runs four hours.

Let the poor Art Direction lady speak.

Brought to you by JcPenney? "We make it affordable?" Yes you do Jacque Penney. And ugly too.

Who's the big boy playing along with Kirk Douglas?

Congrats Melissa Leo. But who did your hair? Couldn't they keep it together with some bobby pins? And what about that dirty mouth? Love it.

Loved it Melissa until that awkward shout out. Huh?

Mila's purple dress is gorgeous. Nothing like calling attention to your boobs with some soft doilies.

Justin Timberlake IS a funny guy. Now get back to making music already.

They may be cute together, but I'm not sold on James and Anne as Oscar hosts.

I want to work in movies. Chris said, "Go work in a theatre." Nice.

Whoa. The white tux tops are a bit much. Talk about blinded by the light.

When in doubt, dress a man in drag. The producer's pull a page out of the SNL playbook to make the show more entertaining.

Once again, Russell Brand shows the world that he's not funny. Not funny at all.

Reese Witherspoon wins for "Best Throwback to the Playboy Mansion."

Christian Bale, please listen to me, unless you're playing Grizzly Adams, cut the beard.

Did Christian Bale forget his wife's name and then cover it up by playing the emotional card?

Glorious Tweet: "I always forget that Christian Bale talks like a 19th century chimney sweep."

Matthew McConaughey needs to stay out of the sun. He's aging faster than quacamole on a 90 degree day.

Please quote me as saying, "This show is frickin' boring."

If Randy Newman's songs all sound the same, shouldn't the Academy stop recognizing his talents come awards season?

Royal blue is the color of the night as worn by Mandy Moore, Amy Adams and Marisa Tomei.

What was the Goldman Sachs reference? Did I miss the joke?

Wake up James. That, or go do a bump to pull you out of the your pot coma.

Jake Gyllenhaal is hot. He wins - award or not.

Karen goodman needs a stylist - STAT.

To quote Nikki Finke from Deadline Hollywood, "I want to put an end to this crapfest masquerading as an awards show. Why can't anyone ever get this right?"

Great quote, Luke Matheny, "I should have got a haircut." Best speech so far.

"He Doesn't Own a Shirt." Amen.

Yes, bitches, you'd better clap. It's Oprah. And she's back to acting.

Like many, I'm sure you've wondered, "Who's Banksy?" He's an anonymous British street artist who likes to keep his face covered so he won't be prosecuted for his graffiti. Tonight, he wanted to come to the show dressed like a monkey. Bad call. His antics might have made the show more interesting.

As it's Fat Sally Sunday, I want to eat some chocolate cake. I was originally concerned that I'd miss something. I guess I can eat that cake now.

I don't think even you can save the show Billy. Wait, maybe you can.

Again, royal blue wins as RDJ and Jude Law's suits are sharp, crisp and quite stunning.

How sweet. Just two dudes hugging - Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter.

Just Googled Robert Downey Jr.'s navy tux: Prada apparently. Again, frickin' hot.

Jennifer Hudson's body transformation is amazing. But that tangerine color doesn't do her justice. Keep the fruit colors on the fruit.

Gwyneth Paltrow goes all rock country with her black eye liner.

Randy Newman's comments about a fifth song are spot on. Couldn't they find another to nominate? What does the Academy have against Diane Warren and Cher? Forget the film, how awesome would it have been to hear Cher warble her way through You Haven't Seen the Last of Me.

Oh how I miss Celine Dion. She's classy, and unlike most, doesn't perform vocal gymnastics at every turn.

Couldn't Kathryn Bigelow find a stylist to save her from that horrendous maroon smock?

Loved the story about Tom Hooper and his "mum" finding The King's Speech. Sweet. Sincere.

Is Annette Bening wearing a spider web?

Natalie Portman is going to make me cry. In a good way.

Anne Hathaway's "youthful goofs" aren't appealing. But that blue dress is.

Congratulations Colin Firth. You deserved it for A King's Speech as well as A Single Man. Good thing the Academy usually looks back to give the award today.

I'm exhausted from watching this borefest. Good thing it's almost over. And something tells me James and Anne won't be asked back for the 2012 telecast.

And the Oscar goes to The King's Speech. If it matters, I agree. The Social Network was good, but not a Best Picture.

Accolades to the The King's Speech's Producer for thanking his boyfriend. Now if I only knew which Producer it was: Iain Canning, Emile Sherman or Gareth Unwin!

What a horrible close to a tiresome awards show - Somewhere Over the Rainbow!

And with that written ladies and gentleman, I bid you adieu.

PV: Looking Back

Let me state right up front I didn't participate in any of the shenanigans I'm about to reveal. I was, however, exposed to drug dealings right and left in Puerto Vallarta. It seemed on every corner, in every cab, with every waiter, came the opportunity to purchase pot, X, cocaine and so much more (with "security" even near by). So if you're looking for a holiday vacation where partying may take center stage, Mexico is for you.

Home Sweet Home

We're back from PV and I'm tired. Though, it's that kind of tired when you think you can crash, but instead you lay there hopelessly trying to catch some Zs. Here's to hoping Mr. Sandman makes an appearance soon. I want to have a great gym day tomorrow. I did, after all, take five days off (and that's quite an accomplishment for me).

Quote From PV

"This should be called Blue Hairs, not Blue Chairs" (said in reference to the number of old people at the gay bar Blue Chairs in Puerto Vallarta). Good one Kevin, good one. Because as we saw this week in PV, there isn't much more than gray hairs tramping around in Speedos at the Blue Chairs.

More Proof

See, you CAN eat healthy at McDonald's. So America, stop blaming the burger giant for being fat. According to David Zinczenko, author of Eat This, Not That:

Best Wrap Meal Under 350 Calories
McDonald’s Grilled Honey Mustard Snack Wrap and Side Salad with Newman’s Own Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette
320 calories
12 g fat (3.5 saturated)
1,540 mg sodium

You’d be hard-pressed to find a healthier wrap at any other major fast-food chain. Why? Because this one contains only five ingredients: grilled chicken breast, flour tortilla, jack and cheddar cheese, lettuce, and honey mustard. That’s the kind of ingredient list we like to see: simple and delicious. Tack on a side salad and you’ve got a well-rounded meal with fewer calories than one Double Cheeseburger.

Montezuma Had His Revenge

We don't know what we ate last night to give us traveler's diarrhea, but many of us spent more time in the bathroom this morning than we would have liked. My issues started just before 4 a.m. and ended around 11:00 a.m. So needless to say, it made for a rough start to the day.

Drinking Like Fish

With Grey Goose vodka running $40 per small bottle, and Herradura on constant pour, we're depleting our cash reserve quite quickly. Who knew the gang could drink so much? I did of course!

PV Live: Day Four Sombrero Party

At the beginning of the week, it was decided we'd throw a "sombrero party" tonight. So, we grouped in twos, drew names, and set a limit of $40 to spend on creating a themed hat for show Wed. night. Look for photos next week upon our return to Chicago (as I can't currently upload). You won't want to miss the seven creations - they're that good. :)

Funny Mexican Products

I spotted Skwinkles, sugar coated candy sticks, at the local Kwiki Mart. The name is funny enough.

Recalling Matt Battaglia

While in PV, it's nice to escape to the media room for some American television while I eat my sandwich. Today, I watched Friends. Not only is it a nice comfy way to enjoy my lunch, I can learn some Spanish as the hit show has subtitles. Even better is when the program features a hot guest star like Matt Battaglia. The actor plays fireman Vince. Of course, this got me wondering, "Where is Matt today?" You can find out for yourself HERE. You can watch a clip of him on Friends HERE.

Note: Who knew he played Drew Boyd in Queer as Folk? I thought his hotness looked familiar.

What I Find Funny

Madonna's publicist, Liz Rosenberg, recently was quoted as saying the following in regards to Lady Gaga's antics (which I find funny because we've said the same thing over the past week):

"Of course, the natural instinct is to wonder: Where does she take it from here? She's taken it pretty far on the fashion front and seems to be having fun with it. The next step might be a nice pastel sweater set with pearls and sensible shoes. That would be REALLY shocking."

PV Live: Day Two

It's Monday and I realized I forgot my cord to attach photos from the week. All of which means the pics will have to be featured in a retrospective starting in March. In the meantime, however, I can share with you events through words. For example, last night one of our guests shattered a stained-glass window by the front door. Apparently, he couldn't get in even though the door wasn't locked. That's what too many tequila shots will do - make you silly stupid.

We ventured out in PV last night. Let me just say this: you don't visit PV for the eye candy. I'm just sayin'.

Hello PV

To celebrate my 40th (a few weeks after the fact), 14 of us headed down to Puerto Vallarta for a week of fun in the sun. So today, we spent the majority of the day on the sun deck of our villa which overlooks PV - the bay and all. Quite the view don't you think?

Thanks Facebook

Facebook now provides users the option of stating "Domestic Partnership" or "Civil Union" for their relationship status. Thanks Facebook. Here's to hoping, and I quote, "As Facebook goes, so goes the world."

Thor Trailer #2

On one hand, the new Thor movie looks good. On the other, I'm a bit scared as it could also be poorly executed and filled with cheese. I suppose, either way, I'll enjoy the summer tentpole film for what it is - mindless popcorn entertainment.

Darn Cake

I wasn't planning on doing cardio today at the gym, but because i had a few bites of Chris' delicious chocolate cake last night after dinner, I felt the calorie burn was required. After all, we are leaving for Puerto Vallarta soon. I know at this point it only makes a difference in my mind, but that's good enough. I'm just sayin'.

(Kinda) New & Noteworthy: Girl Talk All Day

I've been meaning to write a post about Girl Talk and their new release All Day since we heard the mash-up recording blaring inside Tommy's NY store in December. In short, if you want an hour's worth of music, for free, that takes everything from Rihanna to Beastie Boys to Bananarama and mashes them together for a must have party jam, go HERE. You're welcome. :O)

Speaking of Let Down

With every new interview, Lady Gaga is inching closer to jumping the shark. I appreciate her fight for equality and her pop hooks. But her efforts to top herself are about to send her off the crazy cliff. Stop before it's too late Gaga.

She's Back - Sorta

Unfortunately, Britney's comeback video is weak at best. For starters, there's been talk of her dancing- stepping it up, working it out. Nope. She seems to muddle her way through the moves. And with editing, it makes the sequences seem much more engaging (when in reality if you were to watch the choreography non-stop, you wouldn't be impressed). Sure, it's better than videos from her previous effort, but not what's been touted as an amazing video. Sorry guurl.

Entertainment Overload

If you didn't know it already, I'm a big entertainment whore. So it shouldn't be a surprise that PTT sometimes gets overloaded with music, TV and movie news. Hopefully you find it interesting and worthy of your attention. After all, it does give you speaking points at social gatherings. You're welcome.

Britney HIAM Premieres Tonight: 8:55 p.m. CT on MTV

If anything, Britney's video premiere of Hold It Against Me during Jersey Shore shows just how big Snooki and her fellow troublemakers are in the marketing universe.

First Look

Entertainment Weekly introduces you to the new Superman. The photo does an amazing job of making you believe Henry Cavill is the Man of Steel - cheekbones and all.

Where R U Ratuki?

I don't know if it's because of TV advertising, but I can't find Ratuki anywhere. Every Target in the city is out of stock. The "fast flippin', quick grabbin' card game" looks like fun and would have been perfect for our trip to Puerto Vallarta.

Update: I decided to run to Target to see if their stock was replenished. Sure enough, it was! So no longer am I on the hunt for Ratuki. Now if I can only get the guys to play in PV.

Reason 2 Celebrate

Tomorrow in Chicago, we could reach the average temperature normally found in April - 61 degrees! Of course, by this weekend, winter weather returns. But knowing the white stuff won't stay around for days on end, along with frigid temperatures, is reason to celebrate.

She's Going Nowhere

Love it or hate it, Lady Gaga's Born This Way captures the 1,000th Hot 100 number one. Not only that, in terms of Hot 100 airplay, the track begins at No. 6 - the highest bow and largest opening airplay since the chart began incorporating all radio formats in 1998. Finally, with opening week digital sales of 448,000, Born This Way is not noted as the biggest selling song by a female artist.

So you may not love her, and she might be pushing her limit with the "eggcentric" antics, but the equal rights advocate is here to stay - great for pop/dance music and equality for all.

Hickory Wins!

I'm probably not the only one who's never heard of a Scottish Deerhound. Now that Hickory won the 2011 Westminster Dog Show, that's all about to change. He's pretty cute, don't you think? I even see a bit of our Labradoodle in him - the whiskers and all.

Quote of the Day

"In the meantime, I want a tax deduction for the benefits I pay for yet am denied."

Take Responsibility 4 Your Actions

McDonald's is always on the defensive about their menu. Many attack the burger giant for its unhealthy options and for not doing enough to educate the consumer on their choices. Yet, when the information is readily available, the American public IGNORES it completely - along with the salads and better menu options. Then, many of these patrons blame McDonald's for being fat.

Take responsibility for your actions people. If you want to be healthy, live a balanced lifestyle. If you want to gain weight, eat whatever you want. But don't say you weren't told. You were. In big letters. With flyers. And posters. And a thing we call the "world wide web."

Advice 4 Madonna

With all these comparisons between Lady Gaga's latest and Madonna's Express Yourself, it got me thinking. If Madonna would record an album that sounds like old Madonna, making a comparison to herself, it would be huge. If the Haus of Gaga can do it, so can Madonna. Are you listening Madge?

Deserves Another Look

I was reminded this morning of the brilliance that is Be-Weave Hair Salon. If you haven't seen it, you're missing out. If you have, the video deserves a second look, or third, fourth and even a fifth.

Speaking of Cruising

A 51 year-old cruise passenger on the Allure of the Seas was BUSTED for dealing drugs. What? This is an absolute shock. For someone on a gay cruise to be peddling 3 grams of methamphetamine, more than 140 Ecstasy pills and ketamine is outrageous. Well, this seals the deal. I'm not going next year for sure.

Worth Revisiting

Speaking of old TV shows, I just saw a promo for Big Valley featuring Lee Majors. Good lord, he was a handsome man.

I Love Toast

I usually watch Seinfeld around 6 p.m. But tonight, I decided to mix it up with Bewitched. Every time I hear, and see, the opening sequence, I'm reminded of how I'd watch the show every morning before high school while eating the four pieces of toast my grandma would make me, sliced diagonally, covered with butter and jam. I love toast. Of course, my grandma too.

Happy Valentine's Day

What All the Fuss is About

And oddly enough, Madonna this weekend uploaded to her YouTube channel her Express Yourself performance from the 1989 MTV Music Awards. Something tells me she's trying to remind the world that she's the Queen of Pop.

Would This B Fun?

We were to go on a Gay cruise a few years back for our friend Patrick's birthday. But because everyone jumped ship before departure, we bagged the trip. We've been throwing the idea around again - thinking next year could be the one. But after seeing the picture above from Allure of the Seas, the gay cruise that took place last week, I'm not sure how I feel. Would this be fun? I suppose it depends on where you were standing.

A Boy Can Dream

This hot pic of Kamil Nicalek (as Tom of Finland), photographed by Mike Ruiz, is what I strive for in the gym. Unfortunately, that's never going to happen unless I stumble across some magic beans. A boy can dream.

This hot pic of Kamil Nicalek (as Tom of Finland), photographed by Mike Ruiz, is what I strive for in the gym. I'm thinking it's never going to happen unless I stumble across some type of magic pill. A boy can dream.


Snarking! The Grammys

I'm going to enjoy the show tonight, but I can't help but to comment on a few moments along the way.

1. X-Tina obviously thought she had something to prove in the opening tribute to Aretha. Yes, we know you can sing. But can you sing without warbling like a dying cockatoo?

2. Love her or hate her, Lady Gaga knows how to stir the pot. And I can't help but think as I watch her Vogue her way through Born This Way, that I'm watching history being made - an artist kids will idol just like we did with Madonna. However, because Gaga stated her performance would be out of this world, I have to say it was a bit ordinary. The egg was nothing more than a prop used to ignite Twitter. And it did. Mission accomplished!

3. Was it a requirement that a gay man introduce Lady Gaga? No matter, I heart you Ricky Martin. Not so much the silver pants however.

4. Will Gaga be upset that Bruno Mars and Janelle get a standing ovation and she didn't? I'm sure she's thinking it!

5. Leann Rimes is still making music? If I had Eddie at home waiting, I sure wouldn't be.

6. Usher is quite the performer. Maybe next time his costume designer should give him shades that stay on his face. Doh! Another standing ovation! Poor Gaga.

7. Oh, this is how it works. Bieber sits down to sing live and to show the world he doesn't always lip sync. As soon as he's required to dance, cue vocal track.

8. Whitney Houston singing Born This Way? Really? Gaga couldn't imagine herself as a superstar singing the song when she wrote it? Really? You just wrote it last year. You were the biggest act on the planet. Sometimes, I question her rhetoric. Best related Tweet: "Aww... Lady Gaga thanked Whitney Houston! I bet Whitney was excited. I hope she CRACKed a smile."

9. Lea Michelle from Glee couldn't speak her lines. Were you nervous to be hangin' next to the big football star? Who was he again?

10. Cee-Lo, Gwyneth and the Muppets are game changers.

11. Noteworthy Tweet: Age old question finally answered: The egg comes before the chicken - at least on the Grammys.

12. Katy Perry did quite the good job. Goes to show you don't need to dress like a Muppet to succeed.

13. I think it's time for Keith to cut his hair. I'm sure some say the same about mine. :)

14. Lady Antebellum wins Song of the Year. At least now I can identify them in a crowd. Two years ago in Vegas, they stood in front of us and we all were like, "Who are they?"

15. Poor Miley. Though, Seth, that might have been a little too soon.

16. I'm guessing Eminem and Rihanna will get a standing ovation. Again, poor Gaga. Though, I'm not an Eminem fan. He's a screamer. I mean, his head is going to explode.

17. Bieber lost the Best New Artist to Esperanza Spalding. Bieber was like, "Who the hell is she? Don't they know my movie made over $30M this weekend!" That's okay Bieber. You avoided the New Artist curse.


19. Oh, that's what Esperanza does. She plays the cello.

20. Oh my God. Mick Jagger is skinny with a giant head. Eat a sandwich already.

21. Noteworthy Tweet: "Is there some significance to Mick Jagger showing up right after the dead person montage?"

22. People in the audience were just standing there, staring at Mick Jagger. Yes everyone, he's still breathing.

23. Who's living under Barbra's dress? The little hairdressers who gave her those hair extensions?

24. Hopefully someone tall sat behind Nikki Minaj.

25. Good thing Eminem dressed up for the event.

26. I'm thinking Rihanna's bonfire is a fire hazard.

27. Sounds like Rihanna is thankful for auto-tuning.

28. It's 10:15, three hours into the show, and now I can officially say, "I'm bored." Talk about ending on a low note.

29. Arcade Fire wins for Album of the Year? Well, again, talk about ending the show on a low note. Good for them, but I could care less.

30. Awkward ending to the show. It's like nobody knew when to cut the power. Do it already. Those famous people have been sitting for over three hours!

31. Goodnight everyone!

Hatching a Gaga

You may think it would be amazing to live the life of Gaga. But just think of how much pressure she has to step up her game not only with her music but what she wears to awards shows. So, of course it makes sense that she arrives to the Grammys in an egg. Nanu. Nanu.

Looking Back

I have a bad habit of looking back - focusing too much attention on what's happened vs. living in the moment. For example, today while watching, House Hunters International, I was reminded that it's been almost four years since we hunted for a flat in Munich. If only I knew then what I know now, I would have cherished each moment more than I did. Our European adventure truly was a gift.

Big Mistake Ryan Murhpy

I'm not a huge fan of Glee, but show creator Ryan Murphy and his team produce an entertaining program that helps to educate America on a variety of topics. However, when I heard that Darren Criss' character Blaine will be questioning his sexuality in an upcoming episode, I was a bit disappointed. Yes, there are individuals who fall between heterosexual and homosexual, but to raise the issue only provides fuel to those who are adamant that being gay is a choice. Even worse, Murphy is choosing one of the most confident characters on the show to question his sexuality. Here's to hoping Murphy hears the cries of the gay community before it's too late.

Stefon Returns!

Kristen Wiig and her entourage of characters aren't the only reason to watch Saturday Night Live anymore. Bill Hader's Stefon has overtaken the stage as the main attraction. Check out his return from last night. One of Stefon's best bits of advice is his suggestion of using midgets as human suitcases. Love it.

Boy That Was Quick

Well that didn't take long. Born This Way is #1 in 21 countries. And I must say, I've grown to love the track. I didn't hate it at first, I didn't love it at first, my feelings towards the track fell somewhere in between - leaning towards the latter. Now that I had a Friday night with Born This Way in full jam mode as I drove down Lake Shore Drive, my appreciation for her Like a Prayer moment is in full swing.

Alcohol: My New Nemesis

Last night, I celebrated two friends birthdays by having dinner, then drinks at Crimson Lounge in downtown Chicago. As I'm not a big drinker, I kept my alcohol consumption to two cocktails within five hours. Yet this morning, I was sluggish and tired. All of which made me curse myself at the gym as I had to push my way through what should have been an enjoyable few hours lifting. So, then and there, I decided alcohol is now my nemesis. As such, I'll do my best to avoid it from now on - especially if I want to be most productive the following day. There's no excuse for ruining what should have been a perfectly lovely day.

New & Noteworthy: Nicole Scherzinger's Don't Hold Your Breath

For some reason, the American public just isn't buying Nicole Scherzinger as a solo artist. Not only did her single Poison never take flight, her duet with Enrique flopped also. Which is quite odd because not only did RedOne produce the debut single, but Enrique had hits on both sides of Heartbeat. And I don't see anything changing soon - even with the release of her latest uptempo track, Don't Hold Your Breath. Perhaps with her possible upcoming judging gig on X Factor, America will fall in love with the former Pussycat Doll. Only time will tell.

To see the video (restricted from embedding in the US), go HERE.

Lady Gaga's Born This Way

As I've supported Ms. Gaga since her first days back in 2007, of course PTT was going to celebrate the release of her new single, Born This Way. Do I love it? Almost. Does it sound like Madonna's Express Yourself? A bit (especially as the song closes), but I believe any relation to the Material Girl's anthem track is subtle at best. Instead, Born This Way is a camp fest that combines the big soundtrack hit from the 80s (think Pat Benatar's Sometimes the Good Guys Finish First from Michael J. Fox's Secret of My Success) with today's electro beats. Congratulations Lady Gaga on another hit. I look forward to many more in 2011.

Take a listen for yourself HERE. Then again, I'm sure you'll hear it everywhere today and through the weekend as she's performing Sunday night at the Grammys.

It's Here!

Our kitchen is a cover model. Check it out in the April issue of Old House Interiors on shelves now! Sure, the photograph looks a bit orange, but I wasn't there to art direct the photo's placement in the magazine. Congrats to our kitchen!


Chris Hemsworth sure looks good these days (thanks in part to his role in Thor being released in May). He can walk down my street anytime with those nice arms, great butt and silky smooth hair.


According to WGN News and Tom Skilling, the average first day above 70 degrees is March 24th. Just five weeks away and only a few once we return from Puerto Vallarta! Spring is near!


I know I'm not alone when I state, "Glee makes me cringe at times." I can see why the post Super Bowl slot was watched by almost 10MM less than last year's Undercover Boss.

Sign Me Up

Kim Kardashian's Super Bowl spot for Skecher's is terrible. She can disappear at anytime and I wouldn't care. However, the hot trainer is one I'd never turn away for a pair of shoes. I mean, look at that back, those shoulders, and his tight waist. Booyah!

Seriously folks, please edit yourself on Facebook. Do you realize you are a brand? When you make posts about throwing up, wet dreams, cup sizes, running around in your underwear and other personal information, it impacts people's perception of you. Stop and think before you write. You might just change your mind about posting. I'm just sayin'.

Losing It

I stepped on the scale today. I've gained 10 pounds (of mostly good weight) since August - just what I was hoping to accomplish. However, with PV just days away, I feel as though I need to tighten up a bit. So today, I decided to cut most carbs - eating just lean protein and fruits and veggies. Of course, I'm starving, but I'll do my best to keep it going for another 11 days. That is, unless I start losing too much too soon and I become a bit stick like. Then off to the cake I go!

Still Weird

It still looks odd when someone writes, "Happy 40th Dave!" Will it ever seem right? I suppose when I'm 50.

Rocking My World

I was reminded tonight of Tuc Watkins handsomeness. Seriously. There's something about the man that rocks my world.

The Beautiful and Talented Ms. Williams

I've always been a fan of Vanessa Williams. From her album The Right Stuff to Desperate Housewives, she is beautiful, funny and talented. However, I love her now more than ever after seeing her judge RuPaul's Drag Race.