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PTT Men of 2012 Olympics

How do you think British diver Tom Daley feels about walking around half naked? Especially if he misses out on Olympic medal? I suppose with a lean body like his, he could care less.

PTT Men of 2012 Olympics

The USA men's gymnastic's team may have lost, but at least Samuel Mikulak can take comfort in knowing he's the new pin-up for gay men around the world. Go team USA!

Holy Sh*t!

Because you can see the comments friends make on FaceBook photos, sometimes you are treated to amazing pics. For example, the "sleeping image" of David Kimmerle below. He lives in Hollywood apparently (duh) and is a fitness model and aspiring muscle competitor (though, I find him much more attractive when he's not in posing mode). In any case, so very sexy. Makes you say, "Holy sh*t!"


It's amazing to think I've written 4, 670 posts since I began PTT in 2005. Some are surprised I still keep it going. But when I think about moving on, I get a thought in my head that I gotta share - that or a tune, maybe even an image (of a hottie of course).

New Lutty Mix!

My friends mentioned it was time for a new DJ Lutty mix this past Friday. So Saturday, I pulled together a few of my favorite tracks of the moment. CHECK OUT the hour set that’s filled with vocal house, electronic and even a little progressive with new tracks by Alex Clare, Pink, Armin Van Buuren, Florence and the Machine, Karmin, Outasight, Ferry Corsten, Linkin Park, fave of the moment Frankie and of course Madonna. Shoot me an email by clicking the "EMAIL ME" icon to the right for a complete track list.

PTT Men of 1972 Olympics

As the 2012 Olympics unfold, we're reminded of past stars such as Mark Spitz. The swimmer won seven gold medals in 1972 as was adorned by millions - both women and (especially) gay men around the world.

PTT Men of 2012 Olympics

I have yet to find out who this Olympic fellow Swede is making his way around the net, but know PTT is on it. And for good reason. Look at him. Gotta love the Swedes!

PTT's Men of 2012 Olympics

While at the gym today, I got caught up in the USA Men's volleyball game against Serbia. Who knew the team was filled with hotties - especially Rich Lambourne. He's a bit thicker than his teammates. And that's a good thing.

Tebow Runs Half Naked

He won't go shirtless in his Jockey underwear ads, but Tim Tebow will go half naked for a run in the rain (knowing very well he's being photographed). Yep, makes sense.

So Funny

The World Book was yesterday's version of the internet. A boy's best friend when completing a school paper in the 70s and 80s.

Tides Have Turned

Did you know Good Morning America has beaten The Today Show for the past four weeks in total viewers (after almost 17 years of constant losses)? I can understand why after watching Savannah and Al exchange "hard to watch" banter this morning in London.

How Quickly They Forget

The Chick-Fil-A war continues in Chicago. So today, NBC news had a story on the restaurant's battle with the gay community and Chicago mayor. In the piece, an African-American woman stated, "Marriage is between a man and a woman. Not a man and a man. And what does that have to do with chicken?"

Would this individual feel the same way if the owner of Chick-Fil-A had expressed his an opinion along the lines of "not believing African-Americans should have the right to vote?" Would she still say, "What does that have to do with chicken?" Something tells me she wouldn't be standing in the restaurant.

It's crazy how some are so focused on their lives, forgetting their struggles, that they can't see the damage being done to others and their civil rights.

PTT's Men of Olympics 2012

He may be just over five feet tall, but USA Olympic gymnast John Dalton is quite the looker. Go Team USA!

Ryan Guzman is the Reason 2 C "Step Up Revolution"

Congrats Kyle

Great to see former PTT featured hottie (and FB friend) Kyle landing a national commercial spot - Lay's new "Name the Flavor" contest. Look for Kyle screaming "Hot dog!" I second that. Especially when he goes shirtless at his CrossFit studio in NY. Chris mentioned guys get undressed here in Chicago too. I'm not sure why it's important to get half naked, but there's no complaining here!

Why I Love Roger from "American Dad"

Taking Notice of Thom Evans

Whoa. Thom Evans, former international rugby star, graces the cover of UK's Attitude magazine. Whoa.


Good to see America is finally catching up (as reflected on today's Billboard Top 100 chart).

Just Dance!

First it was Channing Tatum in Step Up. Now Ryan Guzman takes the starring role in Step Up: Revolution. They sure know how to pick em'.

CrossFit Champion Rich Froning

Chris began CrossFit two weeks ago. He makes note of the hotties in class. If any are like Rich Froning, Reebok CrossFit Champion 2012 (featured on PTT a few months back), then I want to join (especially when they take their shirts off). Check out the video below to fully understand why PTT loves Rich so much.

Aaron O'Connell for D.Hedral

Good Morning America today featured D.Hedral's new underwear line that they claim is the "first shaped-based underwear for men." And best yet, my favorite model-of-the-moment Aaron O'Connell is the hottie sporting the briefs. I can't look away. I just can't.

Help with a Survey!

Help! I'm working with a new client to gather some information. Can you complete the QUICK, anonymous, 10 question survey below? It should take only 1 or 2 minutes. Just click HERE or visit Thanks SO much!

Miller Hotties

While eating my 5:00 sandwich, I spotted the commercial below for Miller 64. What specifically caught my eye were the handsome men featured - especially the gentleman in the stockroom and hottie climbing the stairs.

George Michael Returns with "White Light"

George Michael released a trailer for his upcoming release, White Light. At first, I wasn't a fan of the song. But after four or five listens, the subtle dance beat starts to kick-in. Check out the trailer above. And for the lyric video (all the rage it seems), click play below.

Gilty Pleasure

Not only do you save big shopping Gilt, the fashion website treats us to handsome men. Thanks Gilt!

It's UR Lucky Day!

Just Cause

Just cause I liked the movie Magic Mike and its stars Channing and Alex (though I hear Mr. Pettyfer (on the right) is kind of a douche bag and very difficult to work with on set.

Pee Wee & Batman

The Dark Knight opens next week. So to help promote the film, and his career, Pee Wee does a voice over of one of the last installment's latest trailer. Check it out below. Go Pee Wee!

Pushing His Bum featured a video with Bryan Hawn. Apparently he's a fitness model who, from what I gather, likes to show his butt. He's got a good one, but I'm not a big fan of the video that apparently he pulled together to push his book and behind. Though I'm guessing some of you will enjoy.

PTT Appreciates Rob Gronkowski

Not surprisingly, I don't watch football. So I wouldn't know Rob Gronkowski. But now that I'm aware that the New England Patriots' tight end is pretty tight (and hot), especially from his photo shoot with ESPN magazine, perhaps I'll start setting my DVR come fall.

PTT Loves Wonder Girls

Quick, name a Korean pop group! That's what I thought. You can't. So here's to hoping Wonder Girls break stateside with Like Money featuring Akon. Pure dance/pop heaven.

PTT Crushes on Alex Pettyfer

Last night, we ventured to Magic Mike. Oddly enough, we were surrounded by screaming drunk women - not gay men. You'd think there would have been a few more homos, but instead we were treated to the squeals of the new Shades of Grey generation.

How was the movie? Others grew tired of the Coyote Ugly replay. But I appreciated the film's simplicity - recalling movies from the 90s. That, and the dance moves of Channing Tatum and the hotness of Alex Pettyfer. The I Am Four actor could very well be my new man crush.

Thanks GoDaddy!

Who knew MobileMe was killed June 30, 2012? As a result, my personal website has been down for almost a week. All of which means I needed to redirect my content to another host. Thank goodness my account with GoDaddy not only gave me a site to publish my website to but also the technical support to get the job done. I'm not quite sure what my customer service rep had me do, but I do know this: is working again! Thanks GoDaddy!


My niece called me tonight and left a voice mail. In it, she apologized for not returning my message from Monday. But that's not all. She also made note that she knows featured PTT hottie Todd Sanfield, designer and model of his own "high fashion" underwear. He's in her pharmacy class at Ferris State in Michigan. Not surprisingly, she didn't have much to say about him. I can only imagine the attitude he sports considering he poses half naked to push undies.

Happy 4th of July

Glitter Graphics |

My grandpa used to march in the pre-fireworks 4th of July parade in Lindsborg, KS (as well as every other parade the small Swedish town held). So Happy 4th of July everyone - including you GPa!

She's Back

Kelly Clarkson follows up her #1 hit Stronger with another fist pounding single but with an eerie twist, Dark Side. And to support, she crafted a video where she ditches the moo moos and bad hair for a slim, sexy and soft new look. Check it out below.

PTT 2 Saugatuck, MI

This past weekend, we visited Saugtauck, MI for the 4th of July. The Dunes is always part of the holiday. This year, however, because the 4th falls on a Wednesday, it was a bit more quiet than usual. In fact, I couldn't stop thinking, "Farmers and Twinks." Needless to say, we didn't stay long on Sunday after the T-Dance. But we did, however, manage to capture a colorful pic outside before heading back home. Totes cute.


Chris Hemsworth is totally a "Dad I'd like to..."