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I caught Matthew's YouTube clip. Honestly, what caught my attention was how cute he is and not his advice. What does that say about me? Matthew?

McDonald's Champions of Food

I've been working on the McDonald's Champions of Food program since November. Here's the video we created to support the program. I think it's quite adorable.

Hot 4 Cold

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Not a Shocker

Some people are questioning if the Rock is on steroids. Ya think?

F**ing Cottonwood Tree

If I could cut down the 120 year old cottonwood tree in our backyard I would. I hate it. Hate. It. It gives me more grief than pleasure when you combine the sticky buds it drops for two weeks, the pillowy cotton that blows for almost three, the twigs that fall after, and the leaves that create a mess in November. Perhaps my neighbor will reconsider?


New Booty Shaker

PTT Agrees

Ralphi Rosario recently posted THIS article about the popularity of electronic dance music and the impact it's having on the biz. Goes to show so many jump on the bandwagon for money.

A Gift from Nato

Perhaps you've been living under a rock this weekend. If so, then maybe you haven't heard protesters have taken over downtown Chicago while NATO is visiting the Windy City. I'm not exactly sure what they hope to gain from their marching (and from interviews neither do they), but I do know this: it's disrupted the lives of thousands. On a brighter side, however, many had the gift of working from home on Friday and Monday.

Stretching Olympian

I'm not exactly sure why Reuters/Lucas Jackson took PHOTOS of Olympians stretching, but of the 35 pictures featured, I appreciated #9 Brendan Hansen. Though, it doesn't appear that he's really doing much stretching. I'm okay with it however.

Gibb Retrospective

Robin Gibb's death made me go searching for his brother Andy's music as well. What a talented family - with vocals, writing and producing. The only one trait they seemed to be missing was rhythm - dancing that is.

RIP Robin Gibb

For those of us born in the 70s, the Bee Gees have us so many memories. Thank you Robin for the music.

Introducing Zowie

I can only imagine how long it will take for Zowie to break (or even get one play of her synth 80s inspired recordings) in America. But in the meantime, you can enjoy her Love Demolition on Soundcloud.

CW Does It Again

Now that the Secret Circle is cancelled, I have room for another CW show. Thank God as Stephen Amell is starring in Arrow. My (insert night here) just got better.


I love peonies. I'm not sure why, but I have a feeling it has something to do with flowers my babysitters had in their backyard when I was little. So I was happy today to clip a few from the garden and bring them inside. Too bad they're a bit filled with ants.

Ginger Shots

I've been sick almost as much as I've been healthy this year. Actually, probably more. So I decided to take steps to build my immune system. I'm now juicing 4 oz. of fresh ginger in the morning along with oranges and lemon - zest and all. Sure, it's a bit spicy but hopefully it will do what's promised. I need all the help I can get.

Splashing in Germany

Check out this sexy spread from GQ Germany's latest issue. The photos make me want to go play in the water.

Good Marketing

What could make me want to see Magic Mike more than I already do? A promo shot of Joe Manganiello shirtless. Where do I buy tickets?

Why I Love American Dad

Market Days 2012 - Hello Olivia!

William Levy + Samba + White Pants = Delicious

I've said it many times, but Dancing with the Stars is terribly cheesy show. But how can I avoid watching the ABC dancing competition when William Levy is shaking his bon bon - looking so good? Those white pants do him justice. Check out the video below.

Shemar On Display

For a 42-year old, Shemar Moore is looking quite amazing in Miami. Thanks Pacific Coast News for giving us Shemar in all his glory. Though, I'm not sure a man in his 40s should be sporting a douche bag hat.

With Summer Just Around the Corner

Too Easy

Taylor Kinney stars in a new show this fall about Chicago Firefighters. The next few words are too easy: please come put out my fire.

Holy Fitness Batman!

After popping indoors from getting a little fresh air, I found Chris watching the CrossFit 2011 championship. Let's just say I could barely turn away - especially with winner Rich Froning Jr. taking the crown. Holy fitness Batman!

Burn Baby Burn

Since January, I've lost count of how many weeks I've been sick. For some reason, a nasty cold won't let go of my immune system. So, I've now decided not only do I need to ensure I take at LEAST one day off from the gym, but I'm now going to naturally boost my body's defense against viruses. Step one: today, I took my first fresh ginger shot. That's 3 oz. of ginger root, juiced, along with 1/2 lemon, 1/2 apple and 1/2 orange. I'm told there's nothing better than ginger to keep you healthy. Benefits include:

Calms upset stomachs
Reduces inflammation
Relieves bloating and gas
Enhances assimilation of food and nutrients
Supports cardiovascular health
Improves respiratory function
Boosts immunity
Reduces risk of cancer

I know this for sure: it's one spicy drink. But if that keeps me healthy, I'll burn baby burn.

Abs 4 Sale

Hollister looks to be stirring up publicity with their "ab stunt" today in NYC. Take your pick. Though, considering they almost all look the same, it doesn't matter.


Introducing Calibre

I wasn't familiar with Calibre. So I Googled the name to find it's an on-line retailer (I think) in Australia. I assumed it had something to do with clothes considering the spot below features two hotties exchanging clothes in an elevator.


The Gay Community's Reaction to Obama's Marriage Announcement

Thanks Mr. President

Well there you have it. President Obama now supports gay marriage. Will this declaration fire-up the Democratic base enough to push him into a second term? Or will his thoughts now drive the conservatives out on election day to take back the White House?

Of course, Mitt Romney on the flip side stated in Denver he's against gay marriage and civil unions - specifically that his view is, "... domestic partnership benefits, hospital visitation rights, and the like are appropriate but that the others are not.” What exactly are the "others" he refers to? Inheritance laws? Social security benefits?

A line has been drawn. Here's to hoping the under 30s get out and vote. Otherwise, I'm afraid Mr. President's appropriate declaration just sent Mitt Romney to the Oval Office.

Looks Familiar

It appears Marc has a new hottie BF who also does PORN. Oddly enough, he looks vaguely familiar (and much better with the scruff).

Rihanna's Snoozefest

Not only did Rihanna call in "sick" for the Saturday Night Live dress rehearsal this past Saturday (the first to ever do so), but the girl gave an uninspired performance that proves she's about as charismatic as a bowl of udon noodles. Next to Beyonce or Janet, the superstar doesn't shine very bright.

Zip It

As much as I want the Obama administration to stand up for gay marriage, I'm afraid it's best for him to keep quiet until he's (hopefully) re-elected. Statements like those from Joe Biden yesterday only ignite the conservatives to get out and vote against equality. So in other words, zip it for now.

A for Avengers

Summer started today with our 3:00 showing of The Avengers. In short, great superhero flick. There were a lot of expectations riding on Disney's first management of a Marvel release. And they got it right. Casting was dead on - especially with Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk and Jeremy Renner as Hawk (who is uber sexy by the way). Of course, Robert Downey's Iron Man is comedy gold as are Chris Hemsworth's biceps. Sure, the film takes a few minutes to get started (as most "origins" movies do), but once it closes the storyline, the film goes into high gear. Look for the gold mine to continue with individual movies for each. I'm keeping my fingers crossed Hawk played by Renner gets what's been rumored - his own franchise. He's too sexy not to.

Racing with Ralph

PTT loves watching CBS' The Amazing Race. But sadly, because of DVR conflicts, it's a bit tough to record and watch. This season, however, we are making an effort because it's one show worth catching - especially with Ralph Kelley from San Antonio. He's one, big, beefy and uber sexy contestant.

Work that Pony

As I noted earlier today on PTT, some look better with short hair. But then there are others, like Chris Hemsworth, that look sexy with the long locks - even pulled back into a ponytail. Team Chris all the way.

Looking Good Mr. Brady

I'm told over and over again I look better with short hair. I have to say the same for Tom Brady. He's looking quite handsome with his new, shorter doo.

Act of Kindness

This story was shared on Facebook by Larry Coffman. So sweet. Makes you realize you can make a difference in someone's life by just being nice.

A NYC Taxi driver wrote:

I arrived at the address and honked the horn. After waiting a few minutes I honked again. Since this was going to be my last ride of my shift I thought about just driving away, but instead I put the car in park and walked up to the door and knocked.. 'Just a minute', answered a frail, elderly voice. I could hear something being dragged across the floor.

After a long pause, the door opened. A small woman in her 90's stood before me. She was wearing a print dress and a pillbox hat with a veil pinned on it, like somebody out of a 1940's movie.

By her side was a small nylon suitcase. The apartment looked as if no one had lived in it for years. All the furniture was covered with sheets.

There were no clocks on the walls, no knickknacks or utensils on the counters. In the corner was a cardboard
box filled with photos and glassware.

'Would you carry my bag out to the car?' she said. I took the suitcase to the cab, then returned to assist the woman.

She took my arm and we walked slowly toward the curb.

She kept thanking me for my kindness. 'It's nothing', I told her.. 'I just try to treat my passengers the way I would want my mother to be treated.'

'Oh, you're such a good boy, she said. When we got in the cab, she gave me an address and then asked, 'Could you drive
through downtown?'

'It's not the shortest way,' I answered quickly..

'Oh, I don't mind,' she said. 'I'm in no hurry. I'm on my way to a hospice.

I looked in the rear-view mirror. Her eyes were glistening. 'I don't have any family left,' she continued in a soft voice..'The doctor says I don't have very long.' I quietly reached over and shut off the meter.

'What route would you like me to take?' I asked.

For the next two hours, we drove through the city. She showed me the building where she had once worked as an elevator operator.

We drove through the neighborhood where she and her husband had lived when they were newlyweds She had me pull up in front of a furniture warehouse that had once been a ballroom where she had gone dancing as a girl.

Sometimes she'd ask me to slow in front of a particular building or corner and would sit staring into the darkness, saying nothing.

As the first hint of sun was creasing the horizon, she suddenly said, 'I'm tired.Let's go now'.
We drove in silence to the address she had given me. It was a low building, like a small convalescent home, with a driveway that passed under a portico.

Two orderlies came out to the cab as soon as we pulled up. They were solicitous and intent, watching her every move.
They must have been expecting her.

I opened the trunk and took the small suitcase to the door. The woman was already seated in a wheelchair.

'How much do I owe you?' She asked, reaching into her purse.

'Nothing,' I said

'You have to make a living,' she answered.

'There are other passengers,' I responded.

Almost without thinking, I bent and gave her a hug.She held onto me tightly.

'You gave an old woman a little moment of joy,' she said. 'Thank you.'

I squeezed her hand, and then walked into the dim morning light.. Behind me, a door shut.It was the sound of the closing of a life..

I didn't pick up any more passengers that shift. I drove aimlessly lost in thought. For the rest of that day,I could hardly talk.What if that woman had gotten an angry driver,or one who was impatient to end his shift? What if I had refused to take the run, or had honked once, then driven away?

On a quick review, I don't think that I have done anything more important in my life.

We're conditioned to think that our lives revolve around great moments.

But great moments often catch us unaware-beautifully wrapped in what others may consider a small one.


When It Rains, It Pours Beats!

The new Lutty mix has arrived. Of course, new releases by Rihanna and Britney are included. But look for one of my all time fave remixes by Dave Aude of Madonna's Girls as well as new introductions for Erik Hassle and Rita Ora. A non-stop, one hour set that should, as always, take you on a dance adventure. Check it out HERE! Simply click, open and listen.

How I Feel About the FDA Banning DMAA


If you're one of thousands who use pre-workout drinks such as NO-Xplode, then you're in for a rude awakening. The FDA has just BANNED all products containing DMAA (in other words, the junk that makes you all tingly). Better order now while supplies last! Beach season is just around the corner.

My Reaction To a Gym Rat Lifting Too Much

My Friends on the Weekend

PTT Discovers Jeremy Bloom

Jeremy Bloom was just featured on NBC Nightly News (yes I watch the show along with America's senior citizens). Who knew this three time world champion skier was such a hottie?