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Kylie's Skirt Comes Down

I don't believe in leaked tracks really. So someone in Kylie's camp is trying to get a feel for the reception of her new song "Skirt." It's a bit different for Kylie, with some Kelis vibes, but lining the tune is a pop melody Kylie is known for. Check it out.

Rating the Bachelors

ABC's "The Bachelorette" started tonight. My friend Patrick sent me his top three to compare. We saw eye-to-eye on just one.

Patrick's Top Three




Dave's Top Three





Blossoming Josiah

I'm not a consistent viewer of NBC's The Voice. In fact, it's usually on my TV as background noise. But there are times I stop and take notice - especially when Josiah Hawley is singing. At first, I thought he was a bit boyish and skinny yet cute. But now, he's blossoming into a man. And for that, I am grateful.

I'm a Cookie

My friend in Switzerland said today, "Yves and I are taking a look at your pictures: and as we say in German: YOU LOOK LIKE A COOKIE." Said something about fresh baked. I mentioned I'm not that fresh. But thanks for the compliment Wolfie!

As Featured in InStyle - Um Yes Please!

Spitting Image?

Tonight someone said, "I look the image of Jenson Button." My reply was, "Who's Jenson Button?" So I searched the lad. Here's what I found according to Google: "Jenson Alexander Lyons Button, MBE is a British Formula One driver from England currently signed to McLaren. He was the 2009 Formula One World Champion, driving for Brawn." I suppose I can KINDA see it.

Shoulda Coulda Shoulda

I haven't watched "Survivor" in years. But when I stumbled across the finale tonight on CBS, I realized I should have paid more attention this season. Eddie Fox was a reason to watch.

And then there's Malcolm...

Sunday Funday

8 Years Later...

...this ad is finally a hit. The beer spot was originally rejected by networks. Now, with gay marriage legal in 11 states, it doesn't seem like such a big deal.

Getting Lose

My friend Patrick sometimes refers to a theory about "Some people need their screws tightened. Some need their screws loosened." I fall more towards the latter. So, last night, to celebrate my friend Nate's birthday, I decided to forego my normal worries and have fun. Let's just say I ended up performing "We Built This City" with Nate in the basement of a gay bar in downtown Chicago after a drag show at the Baton. I'm still unsure if I played the role of Grace Slick or Mickey Thomas.

Busy Bee

Since coming back from ATL, I've been swamped. Clients in town. New rental clients emerging. I also picked up a side job with McDonald's. All while prepping to launch my real estate brand. Check out my website HERE or like and join the FB nation HERE!

Happy Friday!

My friend Evan in CA posts the bests pic when it comes to Friday. Time to set ladies!