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Help the Cause

It's unfair and wrong to identify one group of people as different - thus taking away rights. So help us defeat California's Prop 8 (as it impacts us all) by donating by midnight tonight. And even though Chris and I don't feel the need to get married, we donated and support the cause because Chris and I should be the only ones able to say if it's right for us - not the government.

PTT & Pee Wee Say, "Happy Halloween!"

Uncle Sam Needed Us

So, just like thousands of other expats living abroad, we voted. Hopefully our ballot was counted.

Rusty's New Website

My favorite male model, Rusty Joiner, has a new website. It's loaded with so much Rusty you'll be busy cruising for a while. Check it out here.

Heidi's Threat

Germany's first lady of fashion (and a former client of mine), Heidi Klum, has threatened to leave America if McCain becomes President.

Good 2 Know

Apparently, Blogger is all over personal sites - removing music posts and their associated links. Good to know I'm not the only one that's been hit by their malicious behavior. In some circumstances, Blogger even is removing information that the blogging personality has the official rights to host. That is unacceptable. So, it seems there's a war brewing.

Down Goes Lipstick

Oh no! Just as we're getting into Lipstick Jungle on our satellite, out comes the ratings for the show's second season premiere stateside. One of our new faves (because of Robert Buckley of course) pulled in just 4.3 million viewers last Wednesday. As a result, NBC banished the Brooke Shields vehicle to Friday nights. Down goes another one.

Dave's Fave: Barclay Card Ad

Crisis Averted

I'm no longer a matte, chestnut brunette. Now, I can thankfully say I'm an ash winter with hints of red and golden rays of sun. My transformation took two more hours at the salon, but it was well worth it.

Wrong, Try Again

After washing my hair six times last night to soften the brown, I'm giving in and returning to the salon today to fix it. It's just too dark. And unfortunately, it's becoming more red. I wanted Robert Buckley hair (I'd take the rest of him too), not orangutan hair.

Did U Know?

A & F and Dolce & Gabbana were denied access to the Champs Elysees this past summer. I find it funny that the Commission Departementale de l'Equipement Commercial denied these two retailers - especially when there's so much trash on the avenue.

Photo courtesy of Oh La La.

I Think This is Funny

Because Fox News is the only live news channel from the States, I watch Bill Hemmer and Meagan Kelley in the afternoon. So of course I found the following banter between Meagan and Bill Burton, Obama's spokesperson, quite funny. I agree that Obama's radio snippet from a few years back is newsworthy. But to say that Fox News is fair and balanced is quite laughable. Just the other day, the channel aired both Palin and McCain's speeches around the country. Did they do the same for Obama? No.

Of course, I think the news should equal time to all when it comes to newsworthy items - including MSNBC and CNN (as they are just as bad against McCain). But don't pretend to be fair and balanced to both candidates when you're not. We all know it's a lie. Check out the heated banter below.

Settling In

Now that I've had a chance to glance in the mirror a few times, I'm getting used to the chocolate brown. That, or I'm now just numb.

What's Hot in Europop

Even when we move back to Chicago, I'll continue to listen to Europop - cause their ain't nothin' better! Take Girls Aloud for example. Girls Aloud is one of the most underrated girl groups on the planet. Not only have Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh lasted more than six years together (forever in girl group longevity), they have 19 consecutive top 10 hits in the UK. Check out their latest #1 single, The Promise.

And don't forget to seek out Lady Gaga's just released The Fame. Billboard magazine agrees the album is full of hits. Go to iTunes and download Poker Face, Lovegame and Money Honey just to name a few.

Dark & Lovely?

I just got back from the salon. I hadn't had my haircut since August when I constantly referred to my "doo" as a mushroom. Well, the mushroom is gone but now the color resembles dirt with a splash of tomato juice. I asked the colorist to tone down the blonde as it's no longer summer. I wanted a more natural tone to my hair. Instead, it's way too dark - not my natural color at all. Fortunately I'm told it's a toner so it will soften over the weeks to come. But just like my mushroom haircut, I don't like to wait for my hair to fix itself. Just another good reason I can't wait to return home where there's no confusion with our stylist Lee.

Oktoberfest Loses More than Just Beer

According to reports, at this year's Oktoberfest in Munich, year-over-year beer consumption declined by 300,000 liters to 6.6 million, due to unseasonably cold and rainy weather. The decline in alcohol intake didn't help festival-goers keep track of their belongings, however. Clean-up crews found:

680 identity cards and passports
410 wallets
360 keys
265 pairs of eyeglasses
280 mobile phones
80 cameras
1 set of diving goggles
1 set of angel's wings
1 superman costume
4 wedding rings

Just one of many tracks that pumped me up today at the gym. And as my cold continues to linger, I need all the help I can get! Consider this one for you Willem! Take a listen to Beyonce's little sister and her latest dance remix by DJ Escape and Tony Coluccio.

And just to make it clear (for all you lawyers out there), PTT doesn't upload any music (I repeat, and place in bold, PTT doesn't upload any music). We only share information/links we find readily available on the net. No illegal activity here!

Europe on Sale

As the world economy continues to crash, there's one positive note to mention: it's much cheaper to visit Europe and the UK! Currently, $1 buys you 0.80€ and .65£. What a bargain! I wonder what it will be when we visit Paris in three weeks. Maybe by then, the euro will equal the dollar. And then, with the tax rebate stacked on top, all of Paris will be on sale!

Why We Love X Factor

I've said it before and I'll say it again. X Factor rules! Not only are the production numbers more elaborate (in just week three), but the performances are more engaging and entertaining. If only American Idol would learn a lesson or two from its sister show in the UK, maybe then the ratings for the Fox juggernaut wouldn't be in a free fall. Check out the best from this past Saturday's show below (surprisingly, they're all women!).

Quick Note

Munich is now on daylight savings time. So, in other words, if we were seven hours ahead of you, now we're just six. And if we were six hours ahead of you, now we're five. So can you guess what time it is if you call Munich from Denver at 10:00 a.m.?

Disco Ball 2 the Rescue

I admit it, I'm a gym junkie. I go whenever I can. But lately, I'm changing my ways. Now I don't go the gym at least one day a week (like today for example when I stayed home to enjoy a cup of green tea with the Golden Girls). Not only is it better for my body (especially when fighting a cold), but it makes me appreciate my time there when I go. And right now, I need to be re-energized as Leo's is rubbing me the wrong way.

I've grown tired of the customers. I've become cold to the space. If anything, the only salvation are the people who work at Leo's - who've become our friends. They're the disco ball in what would otherwise be a dreary mess.

Exactly 8 Weeks & Counting

We leave 8 weeks from today. That's 56 days, or 1,344 hours before we jump on a plane bound for home. Will Maddie's dog food last? How about my hair color?

UR Help is Needed

Hi everyone! I'm close to completing my revised manuscript for a children's Christmas picture book. I'll be sending it out to publisher's at the end of November just in time for Christmas. I thought this was a good time to catch their eye for hopeful inclusion in their catalog for the 2009 holiday season.

I've researched the publishers to ensure my work is getting sent to the right people. However, it's always better if the work comes from inside or from someone they know. So, on that note, if you have any contacts in the publishing world, LET ME KNOW! I'd be glad to forward to you the document first so you know how good it is before passing it along.

Send me an email to or by simply clicking the email icon in the upper right hand side of the side bar. THANKS!

Would U?

Would you wait up to six hours to vote (as the case is currently in Georgia and Florida)? I have a feeling many wouldn't.

He's Back!

Bush is back on SNL courtesy of Will Ferrell. And he's endorsing McCain and Palin. If this doesn't get across the writer's political views on SNL, I don't know what will. Check it out below.

Club One returns to pump up your weekend jams. Enjoy today's hot remix (currently unavailable for purchase of course) by Tom Neville for X-Tina's latest. It's more on the simple electro side, but still worth a listen. Check it out here. And as an added bonus, enjoy the Eddie Baez mix of the latest track by the winner of X Factor 2006. I just stumbled across the link as I was making this entry. (Do you love how I'm posting in code?)

And just to make it clear (for all you lawyers out there), PTT doesn't upload any music (I repeat, and place in bold, PTT doesn't upload any music). We only share information/links we find readily available on the net. No illegal activity here!

Pic of the Day

Looking Back: Maddie in Zurich

Today's Rant

I've had this frickin' cold now for almost eight weeks. Seriously, will it ever go away? Now the frickin' thing is stuck in my head. I talk with a nasal twang. No medicine is working. But that's not a big surprise - nothing works like it should. My body rejects most drugs. I suppose I should go to a doctor. But that's such a hassle. I guess if it goes for another week, I'll have no choice. Frickin' cold. Piss off already!

She's an Idiot

This week, it's been disclosed that:

(1) Sarah Palin has used state funds to shuttle her kids around
(2) Government funds bought Sarah's VP wardrobe
(2) Sarah supports a FEDERAL ban on gay marriage

Sure, I know she's not a fan of gay marriage, but she was in the McCain camp of letting individual states decide. So, she's further cemented herself as an idiot in my playbook.

Boy R We Excited

Boy are we excited. Before we left for Zurich on Monday, we decided to change the floor plans for the house.

It all started Sunday when we were watching Barefoot Contessa (Chris was baking while I was glued to the TV). I mentioned to Chris that in our new house, "this won't happen." So, we started thinking of ways we could create the kitchen/family room combo that we originally wanted (as we had to abandon the original idea because we were trying to work within the current footprint).

We quickly realized we should extend the new addition all the way across the back - allowing us to move the kitchen to the back alongside the great room, leave the powder room where it is today, open a bedroom to create a chef's pantry, and build a gabled back covered porch. In addition, these changes make the second floor bigger as now we've nixed the idea of expanding into the attic just to create what essentially would be a worthless top floor. No staircase needed. No dormers needed. Saving us thousands! And in this economy, that's a good thing.

Back Home w/Random Thoughts

Now that we're back home, I have time to catch-up on some news - and to include a few random thoughts/opinions on what I found.

1. Who knew a VP pick could net you over $150K in new clothes? I didn't. And I don't think the American public did either.

2. Of course, now that we're moving back, not only is America headed for a recession (if it isn't there already), but shopping in Europe and London is much cheaper these days. Not that we should be buying anything. We've got a house to rebuild.

Served Notice!

This morning I received a notice from Blogger regarding my violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. In short, my "Pumpkinhead Ascends" blog entry was deleted due to an alleged copyright infringement. I suppose someone reported the dance remix links I posted.

Now, I can make a counter notification to have the entry reinstated. However, if there are any legal costs incurred by Blogger, I'm liable. So, I've decided to let this one go.

However, I must make note that this apparent copyright infringement claim by someone has no merit. I do not upload any of this mostly "unavailable for purchase" music. I merely provide links to the information - addresses I find readily available on the internet. So, I haven't partaken in any illegal activity. I'm purely highlighting what exists on the world wide web (such as making note of an article on CNN or video clip from NBC for example).

But again, the fight isn't worth the possible outcome. That's not to say, however, I won't post links again. It's just next time, I'll make note the music doesn't come from me - but other apparent hooligans.

Blogging Live: Swiss Border

We just crossed the Swiss border. Patrol officers asked to see our passports - but not Maddie's. Too bad. She wanted a stamp.

Off 2 Zurich

Because Chris has a meeting in Zurich on Tuesday, we decided to drive to Switzerland with Maddie. Consider it a min-getaway. So, we'll be back on Wednesday. That means poor Dennis is left to his own devices while we're away.

"Falin" on SNL

It's always a treat when "Falin" makes an appearance on SNL. Though, I have to say, the comedy is starting to lose its luster a bit (most likely the result of having to incorporate the real Sarah Palin without offending her and he party).

The first, specifically, is funny when Tina does her thing. But again, it's starting to feel forced. And if you don't know the history with Mark Wahlberg, the bit runs flat when he's around (as well as when Lorne feels the need to inject himself into the routine). The second, with the ever spectacular Amy Pohler (boy are we going to miss her), plays with Republican campaign talking points. The gunshots are a high point. Check out both skits below..

Our Famous Friends

We're back home from a nice dinner with Tilo and Johana. Or, should I say Jason Cameron and Amanda Detmer. Ever since day one, Chris and I have thought Tilo resembles the fitness Model who's now host of DIY's terrible show Desperate Landscapes. And oddly enough, his girlfriend is another look-a-like; the cup cake lady from What About Brian. Judge for yourself!

And So Christmas Begins

And it's not even Halloween! But considering Europe isn't as crazy about the October 31 holiday, I guess it only makes sense.

Mixing It Up

Who says it has to be gay 100% of the time? It's actually quite refreshing to hang with the straighties. So, tonight, we're meeting Tilo and his girlfriend (who looks like the cupcake lady from What About Brian) for dinner at our favorite restaurant - Lemar's. Then tomorrow, we once again rendezvous with Tilo and Johana, along with Andy and his girlfriend Doris as well as Mike and Jeff - another gay couple who are moving back to America. So I guess for Sunday brunch, it will be more of a "mixed crowd."

Juggling 4 Money

Tonight, on our way to dinner, a juggler riding a bicycle entertained us at the stoplight. He was quite good. So unlike those who just wash your windows or beg for money, the juggler actually made us smile and was worth the euro we sent his way.

So, in that circumstance, I don't mind spreading the wealth. Other situations don't make me as happy.

That Blows

Since moving to Europe, Chris and I have collected our change in a piggy bank. Upon our return, we're submitting our collections for conversion to dollars - splitting the results 50/50 to be applied to something fun of our choosing. We're unsure how much exists in the piggy. Bu knowing that euro change can add up quickly (with coins existing in the amounts of one and two euros), we're hoping for a windfall.

Unfortunately, we've waited until a month before we move to convert the euros into dollars. Because now, the euro is almost back to what it was when we arrived in Paris - and almost .20 lower than what it was just three months ago. So sadly, this could cost us over $1,000 - if not more.

I know we shouldn't be greedy, but with new additions, hip dormers, Koi ponds and a Viking stove to buy, we're saving as many pennies as possible. So here's to hoping the euro rebounds over the next few weeks - just for a bit anyway.

The Cat's Out of the Bag - Officially

Two nights ago, at 4 a.m., while responding to emails in my sleepy state, I answered my uncle's note about my grandma. But instead of just replying about how my grandparents are having a few issues walking, I finally made reference to the fact that I know that he knows I'm gay.

Because a few months back, my cousin T told me that while at the hospital in Wichita, KS, they all discussed my life - including Chris. So, I knew it was no longer a secret. As a result, I finally decided to let the "cat out of the bag" - officially. His response? And I quote, "Yes, I've pretty much known your sexual orientation for many years but that
has never changed my opinion of you."

What a great response. Too bad that's not always the case when gay and lesbian individuals decide to tell their families. If so, the world would be a much happier place - for everyone.

Thanks Pretty On The Outside

More Nooz on Chris

If you want to know what Chris has been working on since moving to Europe, check out an article that highlights one of his projects - his biggest to date. Below is an article that appeared in the Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten in Denmark. It's all about Chris' new burger, the "M" burger. Pay close attention to the journalists reference to Chris' "infectious smile" and "modern day manager" techniques.

Good Lord, a bun, a beef patty, some lettuce and some dressing; how difficult can it be?
Apparently rather difficult. Scientists from the famous American burger chain, McDonald’s, have spent three years inventing a new burger in a food laboratory in Munich.
Undeniably, some will not think so when the result is still just a beef patty, bun, lettuce and dressing.
The hamburger industry has been blamed for much in the course of time – from being the cause of the global wave of obesity to cheating with the photos on the menus and reducing children and youngsters to stupidity after having taken their money in exchange for an unhealthy lifestyle. But they have never been accused of being slow. Quite simply, slowness is not part of the register of allegations. Restaurants in countries like Mexico even promise self-punishment if it takes more than 90 seconds to serve the burger.

Three good reasons
M, the new burger, has been developed, fostered and computed in every respect. And there’s good reason for this.
I was invited to one of the global burger dominator’s three development laboratories, i.e. the one in Munich – the other two are located in Hong Kong and in Chicago – to hear the reasons.
In a fashionable office building on the outskirts of the German metropolis, the founders' portraits hang on the wall in the reception area next to black and white photos of their successors and the German directors.
The man-sized plastic mascot, Ronald McDonald, sits with legs crossed on a bench. The words “Ich liebe es”, the burger chain’s German motto, hang above him.

Customers’ wished-for burger
In the basement is the laboratory with clinically clean kitchens, freezers, test grill bars, quality control room, etc. The development department’s senior director, Chris Young, is proud of the result of the scientists’ work.
“Launching a new burger is not something you do from one day to the next. One thing is having the production lines ready to be able to handle the demand of hundreds of millions of burgers. Another consideration is: What should the burger be like? To find the answer, we listened to the customers. M is the fulfilment of their wishes,” says American, Chris Young.
His smile is infectious. Chris Young is the modern manager type, ready to answer openly and honestly, even about negative topics.
For instance, the burger chain made a big mistake when some years ago they developed a burger; it turned out that employees at McDonald’s restaurants around the world generally did not like it and therefore did not like to sell it. The burger was discontinued. This side of the matter also has to be considered.
Behind Chris Young is a team of elite burger makers. They make M’s for the pack of international journalists who have flown in for the world premier.
“We have the second and third generation of McDonald’s burger consumers. The world has become smaller. Everyone travels more and it has become more difficult to impress. Customers want quality. Our response is to change our profile to be more complex and braver,” says Chris Young.

A thicker beef patty
The M burgers arrive.
The minced beef in M is specially developed, so the consistency resembles a steak. The flavour is strong, grilled barbeque and juice from the meat trickles out when you take a bite. The bun is oblong and baked in a stone oven. The lettuce is a thick layer of whole Batavia leaves, the strong lettuce, which many farmers had to be convinced to begin cultivating.
In order to find the final configuration, the Irish head chef, Adrian Coulter, tested 20 new types of burgers on trial consumers, narrowed the field down to 10 and then 4. After further research, the five criteria for M were reached.
“Top priority was given to the beef patty, which had to be thicker and tastier than our current beef patties. Then came the bread, which had to radiate quality and have a rustic appearance. We ended up developing a bun like ciabatta bread. Priority three was the cheese. The demand was to develop rich-flavoured, irregular slices that stick out of the sides of the burger and melt without running. The choice fell on Swiss cheese. The lettuce had to radiate health, be curly and abundant. The final priority was the dressing, which as opposed to the lettuce had to be subtle and not dominate the overall taste impression,” says the head chef.
It’s an old wives’ tale that McDonald’s food must be the same all over the world. However, Chris Young admits that in the US a bit more salt, sugar, pepper and dressing are added to the burger, but otherwise there are set standards.
The food technology engineer, Sabine Schulze tells more about this.

Model/designer products
“Suppliers of cheese, ketchup, buns, lettuce, pickles, hamburgers, milkshakes and so on from around the world send samples to us every month. Using schemas, we investigate whether the products live up to the standards and parallel to this, every year we appoint a trend or model product to which all the others are compared. This applies to colour, consistency, flavour, appearance, form and reaction during preparation,” explains Sabine Schulze.
“We even warm up the frying oil to 60 degrees and taste it.”
This year, the arch-pickle comes from Germany, the world’s best McDonald’s mustard is American, the model ketchup is from Nagano in Japan, Korea sets the standard for the bread, the meat is Italian, the model chickens come from Vejle, the fish fillet, which others have to live up to comes from Espersen on Bornholm – have all supplied McDonald’s for 40 years – whilst the template for bacon is from Thisted.
Home once again on the same evening, I conduct my own test. I buy an M at the Central Station in Copenhagen. I eat it.
It was no bluff. It bulges with lettuce. The juice from the meat runs down my sweater again. The bread does not get stuck to the roof of my mouth.
My, oh my, what’s happening?

Facts: McDonald's
The name McDonald's originates from Dick and Mac McDonald, two brothers who opened a restaurant in California in 1940 and invented the modern fast-food concept.
In 1955, Ray Kroc opened the ninth McDonald’s restaurant in a row, but ended up buying out the brothers entirely.
In the 1960’s the global expansion began.
Today, McDonald’s has 1.5 million employees worldwide, of which 4,000 are in Denmark.
There are 31,000 McDonald’s restaurants in 119 countries around the world. Everything is tested by two anonymous test consumers every month.
McDonald’s has 160,000 customers in Denmark per day, 50 million per year.
* Thoroughness and plenty of tests characterise the work when a new McDonald’s burger is to be launched.
* To begin with, M is a promotion burger, which is only sold for a limited period after which it will be evaluated whether it should be included permanently in the range.

Tidbit on Captain America

I'm a big movie fan so I think this article about Captain America is pretty cool. And considering I loved Iron Man, I've got high hopes for Jon Favreau film and subsequent flick on The Avengers.

Not Much of a Comeback

Poor Boy George. He was forced to cancel one of his first comeback concerts as he sold less than 100 tickets. Now that's sad.

X Rated: The best from X Factor

It wasn't a big surprise that Alexandra sang a Whitney number, but it showed there's more to her than just ballads. And talk about vamping it up. It's interesting how, for the European talent show, the producers really supercharge the participants hair, make-up and wardrobe (as compared to American Idol for example). That's Europe! Speaking of makeovers, second up is Austin's rendition of a Police track. Check out both of their performances below.

She Should Know Better

My mom, and her generation, didn't know any better in regards to smoking while pregnant. But today, there's no excuse for my pregnant neighbor to be smoking five or six times a day (as I see her across the alley in a window parallel to ours). Maybe she'll read this blog, know I'm talking about her, and stop.

I've Been Stimulated

My stimulus check finally arrived today. Though, it's not like I can spend it. We need every dollar now for the house and the revisions that keep adding up - like hip dormers vs. shed dormers.

Makes You Go "Humm..."

As we were driving back from the mountains yesterday, Chris made a comment about how you don't see many old cars on the road in Germany. Tilo explained that because you're required to have your auto checked every two years, when something's wrong, most people discard the car and buy a new one. That, or they hope it's stolen.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off 2 Hiking We Go

I wasn't sure if I wanted to go hiking. I knew I wanted to see the trees changing. I knew we had to hike at least once before moving back to Chicago. And I knew I wanted to be outside as it was forecasted to be over 70 degrees. But, I'm not a fan of pushing myself up a mountain - I go to the gym to sweat. That, and I've been sick for the past three weeks so I was also afraid my lungs might collapse. Turns out I was wrong - on many accounts. We had a great time hiking today, Chris and I, along with the Mayor of the Mountain Tilo (a nickname I selected as he seemed he couldn't walk two feet without greeting an acquaintance).

A snapshot at the beginning of our journey - before we lost a few pounds in water weight.

Chris and I taking a break. And no, Chris doesn't normally wear his jeans rolled. But with it being so warm, he needed the airflow.

Chris and the Mayor atop the mountaiin where we enjoyed black currant sparkling water and a bowl of pea and sausage soup before heading back down.

A nice view of the German countryside as it explodes in color.

Chris and I, along with the Mayor, on our way back down from the mountaintop.

The Mayor as he sits and waits for his public to arrive.

A parting shot of the beautiful skyline.

Reason 2 Buy Energie Underwear

This model, and the photoshoot, sure give you plenty of reasons to buy Energie's new underwear - or at least to visit their website.

Hiking on the Horizon

Tomorrow we hike. Departure time: 8:30 a.m. I'd rather leave later but apparently there might be traffic. So, it seems we won't be alone on the mountain. And the weather? Perfect.

X Factor Update

Alexandra Burke didn't make it past X Factor bootcamp three years ago. Now, she's back - and a top 12 finalist. She became one to watch with her rendition of Beyonce's Listen from Dreamgirls. Check out the performance that put Alexandra in the first live performance show this week.

Gerda Does Boots!

Last January, Chris and I met our friend Xavier in Paris. While there, both Xavier and I bought a pair of Gucci riding boots. However, I've been unable to wear them as they ended up being to wide at the top for me to coordinate with jeans - even the boot cut variety (they made me look like Shaggy when I walked). So there these beautiful boots sat in my closet. That is until I thought about either shortening them or making them thinner.

Sure, I hate to cut open a pair of stylish boots. But currently, they're only collecting dust. So after making three stops and being redirected to the next destination, I found myself today at Gerda's Dive Shop.

I was a little perplexed when I was told to visit a diving store. But it turns out Gerda makes shoes for handicap people in Munich and the Dive Shop is a side business for fun. So after Gerda returns from a week's underwater safari adventure in the Red Sea, she'll be finishing my boots for just $50. It's more money on top of an already crazy amount for a pair of boots, but it has to be done. How else will I get my money's worth?

It's Gonna B Close

Remember 2 vote on November 4th. And if you live in California, spread the word about "No on 8." Because apparently, right now the outcome on the proposed gay marriage ban is too close to call (with 47% of likely voters in favor and 42% opposed). And with Connecticut now allowing gay marriage, I have a feeling the religious right is going to be fired up and use Connecticut as an example of how their losing control over what's so precious to them.

How can you help? Visit Marriage Equality's website for ways you can contribute, and stories you can spread including the Orange County's Register's editorial board statement regading their opposition to Prop 8, and the LA times report on 11,000 same-sex couples married in California.

You can make a difference. Spread the word.

Blogging Live: Watching The Big Bang Theory

I just made note to Chris of three things:

(1) I wish we could eat dessert every night (as I just had a bite of cake).
(2) Speaking of cake, what do we get out of bites four, five and six that we didn't get out of one, two and three?
(3) I hope The Big Bang Theory doesn't get cancelled - we love it! Give Jim Parsons an Emmy already.

By Request

Our friend Mark requested the track featured on today's Club One. So, I thought, "Why not share it with readers of PTT?" If you want to know the song, you'll have to "rise up" to the occasion to learn who belts this "big room" house mix (as it's another PTT guessing game!) Check it out HERE.

Hiking Anyone?

We've talked about going hiking up into the Alps with our friend Tilo for quite some time. But because of the weather, and some under the weather symptoms, we've had to postpone the excursion. All that may change this Sunday as Chris and Tilo talked this morning about finally making our way up the mountain.

I'm not completely sold on the hike. I said I'd go if we climb for two hours. But a three hour hike to the top of a snowcap doesn't sound fun. Two, yes. Three, no. Besides that, I'm still not 100% recovered from my month long bout with the flu. I tried to do cardio on Tuesday at the gym and I could barely make it past 20 minutes on a low training mode. So, I told Chris I'm a bit concerned about pushing myself into a low oxygen environment - I could have a heart attack (knock on wood).

But since we leave in nine weeks, and the weather most likely will turn ugly soon, our chances to hike become more slim every day. So, it's Sunday or no day I'm afraid.