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Gay Pride Tragedy

I mean, really? Really. Just because it's Gay Pride doesn't mean you need to be foolish. That is, unless, you dress like this everyday. Somehow, I don't think so.

Not Flattering

This trend of wearing big, round, nerdy glasses just isn't that attractive on most people. Why would you want to make yourself look like a fool? Trendy and unflattering isn't a good thing. I'm just sayin'.

Staying Strong

Chris' brother John had to evict tenants from one of his rental properties. What they left behind was this 10 week old chocolate lab mix. So now Chris is trying to convince me that we need to adopt this poor little, left behind baby girl. "Really?" I asked. "Do you want to go through all of that again? Peeing on the floor and our new rugs? Tearing up the yard? Late night potty breaks? Double the money for boarding - especially when we go to Mykonos in August?" I'm trying hard to stay strong. I'm sure she'll find a home. I'm sure she will. Yes, she will.

Looking Back: A Young Visit

Why Gay Pride Parades Rub Me the Wrong Way

Is it really necessary to prance your snake around a gay pride parade? Couldn't you have left the reptile at home to eat rats while you act foolish for all to see? Geez.

New Family Member

Our bird feeder attracts many red headed finches and other small birds. But now it seems we've adopted a morning dove as the graceful, slender-tailed bird now perches itself in our backyard from morning until night - foraging for seeds on the ground even with Whinnie watching from the porch. At least this new pet doesn't shed inside.

Eurovision 2010 Winner

Quite catchy I must say. Congrats Germany!

I realized I'm not a fan of Gay Pride. In fact, I'm not a fan of standing around in any drunk fest situation when it's 100 degrees and humid outside. So, I noted to Chris last night upon my return that I'm moving in the direction of avoiding those situations - saying "NO!" to opportunities I feel obligated to be part of just because they are the "thing to do." I'm just sayin'.

Men of World Cup 2010

Benny Feilhaber doesn't make the first string of the US Soccer Team (who knows why?), but he is awarded membership into PTT's "Men of World Cup 2010."

Men of World Cup 2010

Jan Durica isn't even 20 years old, but the Defender for Slovakia makes the Men of World Cup 2010.


It was one heck of a storm in Chicago on Tuesday night. Check out below when lighting strikes Chicago's three tallest buildings at the same time. Quite spectacular.

Men of Wimbledon 2010

There's usually not much to talk about in regards to attractive men in Wimbledon. But because of yesterday's marathon match between American John Isner and Frenchman Nicolas Mahut, the world got to see the cute athlete from North Carolina play some long, very long tennis. And this morning, on The Today Show, John, in his Nike baseball hat and red t-shirt, showed just why he deserves to be on PTT's "Men of..." series.

Gaga Tumbles 4 U

I've noted before that the Haus of Gaga is starting to irritate me a bit (and others too). There's something to be said for ensuring her presence in pop culture, but there's another for knowing when to pull it all back. So a bit of me finds the images above of Gaga taking a tumble at London's Heathrow Airport a bit amusing.

Men of World Cup 2010

Today you get a one-two punch of hotness with Tim Cahill and Lucas Neill from the Australian team. Lucas doesn't look too thrilled, but maybe that's because he doesn't know he's featured on PTT.

It's Official: Summer Has Begun - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes

Launching T-Licious

Chicago used to be a city filled with dance party events. Sure, Fireball was in the heart of winter, but the circuit event was always a good time. And many years ago, the community supported Sandblast, a lakeside T-dance held after Pride. But for some reason, these events died a slow death.

This year, however, friends are trying to jump start the post pride fun with T-Licious. So if your'e in town, plan on attending the T-dance from 4-10 p.m. at MaxBar. Because if we don't support the first attempt, there's no chance for a repeat performance.

And to help ensure the music is relevant, full of vocals and full tilt energy, I've passed along music to include in DJ Matthew Harvat's set (aka Circuit Mom). If she plays even a handful of what I delivered, it should be a good, good afternoon. If not, well, I'll hunt her down and crown her with pointy tiara.

In an open letter today, Obama NOTES that nurturing families can come in many forms - including two fathers. If so, then why doesn't he proclaim that gays can get married so these dual father families can protect their loved ones? I'm just sayin'.

Men of World Cup 2010

The French footballer is just about to turn 24 years old on July 11, but Yoann Gourcuff doesn't look a day over 23.

Funny. Plain and Simple.

Bitch Slapped

I received a complaint today against the blog for posting Kylie's Aphrodite megamix. So, the entry was reset to draft. I'm amazed that I posted nothing but a link I readily found on the internet, yet I got bitch slapped for copyright infringement. Why not go after the one who originally uploaded the content that, from what I understood, was a promotional piece released to generate excitement for her upcoming album. Guess not.

Loving Entourage Season Six

I just wrapped season six of Entourage. With Chris in Europe, I had all week to catch-up on the HBO series. And can I say, "I LOVE IT!" I've always loved it. This season, I loved it even more. And it all comes down to the fact that I crave to be in the business - some aspect or another. So I enjoy watching it all unfold in LA. Perhaps one day. Perhaps.

Men of World Cup 2010

I'm thinking the 23 year old midfielder for Spain would have been spotted earlier with less clothes. But none-the-less, Cesc Fabregas makes the list.

Marriage 4 Babies Only?

Closing arguments in the Prop. 8 trial in California concluded today with very pointed questions from U.S. District Judge Vaughn R. Walker. See below for an exchange between Charles Cooper, attorney for proponents of the measure, and Walker:

Walker: “Why is it that marriage has such a large public role? What is the purpose?”

Cooper: “This relationship is crucial to the public interest.… Procreative sexual relations both are an enormous benefit to society and represent a very real threat to society’s interest.”

Walker: “Threat?"

Cooper: “If children are born into the world without this stable, marital union … both of the parents that brought them into the world, then a host of very important, very negative social implications arise.... The purpose of marriage is to provide society’s approval to that sexual relationship and to the actual production of children.”

Walker: “But the state doesn’t withhold marriage from people who cannot have children.

Cooper: “It does not.

Walker: “Are you saying the state should?”

Towleroad Stirs the Pot

Towleroad recently featured THIS snippet of an interview with McDonald's COO Don Thompson. From that, Towleroad states in their headline, "Company's American 'Core Values" Exclude Gays?" It's a bit of a stretch, one that's not out of the realm of possibility, but from where I stand, you mustn't read too much into Don's statements or Towleroad's opinion.

For starters, Don can have his own beliefs and McDonald's can have certain core values. Sure, one could jump to the conclusion that both are related (as the article seems to do). But just because Don states he's a Christian doesn't mean he thinks any less of gays. The world has just programmed us to believe that the two are related - and in some circumstances, they're not.

Secondly, McDonald's does have certain core values. But again, those don't necessarily reject homosexuals. So the two shouldn't be married in thought.

Because speaking as a McDonald's family, and one where my other half works closely with those noted in the article, we've experienced nothing but acceptance. So to support Towleroad's statement would be unjust.

I Agree


Men of World Cup 2010

You can't name the "Men of World Cup 2010" without, of course, highlighting Cristiano Ronaldo. He's personally not my favorite, but I know he's liked by many of you in PTT land. Then again, his latest shoot for Armani ain't half bad. I'm just sayin'.

Adam's "Comeback"

If Adam Lambert would have released If I Had You first, rather than For Your Entertainment, accompanied by a big spectacle (a la Ricky Martin's Cup of Life performance in 1999), he would have made a bigger splash in pop music. Better late than never! Unfortunately, the video isn't groundbreaking, but interesting none-the-less. I appreciate his glam approach. Check out the video below followed by Ricky's big American debut (which now looks completely G-A-Y with his leather pants and non-stop gyrations).

Crafty Squirrels

I sat a bag of garbage outside last night. I then forgot to throw it away. So today when I returned home from a lunch workout, I found the pudgy neighborhood squirrels had discovered a plastic container holding a few nuts inside. They proceeded to twist off the lid and carry it across the yard. I believe I thwarted their plans to retrieve the nuts when I returned home. I'm sure they'll be back tomorrow.

Midsommarfest Fun

Now that we live in Andersonville, we finally ventured out to the annual Midsommarfest. The street festival, in its 45th year, brings over 50,000 people to our neighborhood for two days of live entertainment, dancing, food and activities for young and old.

Luckily, the rain broke for a few hours for us check out the crowds - mostly inside Tim Weber's salon where it was as though Mini Bar relocated for the day (with shirtless bartenders and all). Seriously, it seemed as though EVERYONE was there trying to grab a drink. All of which explains why our good friend Patrick found himself waiting at the bar for what seemed like hours. That, or we just drank those vodka lemonades too quickly.

"Men of World Cup 2010"

With the World Cup starting, it's that time again for PTT"s "Men of World Cup 2010." So be sure to check back for the best of the bunch. Today's honoree is the USA's very own Carlos Bocanegra. The tall, dark and handsome 31-year old gets bonus points for playing with the Chicago Fire in 2000.

This weekend, I reached 3,000 posts to Pink Trash Travels. It's taken five years and many hours, but I'm proud of the milestone. Thanks to each one of you, my 1,000+ weekly followers, for continuing to stop by when you can for a laugh, a track, or a pic or two. Who knew I'd be here five years later when I started PTT as a way for friends and family to keep up with our European adventures. Thanks again for playing along.

David Up Close and Personal

I didn't get the chance to watch the USA play in the World Cup against England yesterday. Instead, we headed down to the Old Towne Art Fair. So of course I was happy to find the shots below of England's Team Captain David Beckham. Even when he's frustrated, and with no Photoshopping, the man is attractive - fine lines and all.

Day 54

If your'e not boycotting BP by now, shame on you. Wildlife, like this turtle, have nobody to speak for them but you. So do your part and let your voice be heard - whether through withholding your dollars from BP or contacting your government.


I wondered why they called today's Chicago Blackhawks' parade a "ticker-tape parade." So, if you're curious like me, check THIS out. PTT isn't just a place for fun. You actually can learn something too!

What a City!

To celebrate the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup, Chicago threw a party downtown. With over two million estimated to be on hand for the ticker-tape parade, the city was in celebration mode. Add this to the crosstown classic with the Cubs and White Sox, the Old Towne Art Fair, and Andersonville's Midsommerfest Street festival, this weekend's activities summarize why there's very few places better than Chicago in the summertime.

The Kylie Report

Kylie performs her new single, For the Lovers, on Germany's Next Top Model. Not only does she look amazing, she sings live! Check out her performance below along with a few glimpses of our favorite top model Heidi Klum.

Sparrow Killer

Our bird feeder has turned into a bird killer. Today, when I stepped outside onto our covered porch, I saw a shadow swoop through the backyard. Seconds later, I heard a "THUMP." Then, atop our fence, I spotted a miniature hawk with its claws wrapped around a small sparrow.

From where I stood, I could see the little bird's heart beating. Then as quickly as the hawk appeared, it flew away with its lunch (I'm guessing). So what was originally created as an oasis for mother nature, has turned ugly and is now marred with blood.

Blackhawks Win!

My first taste of hockey came this past Winter Olympics - watching the USA team play in the gold medal match. But that game paled in comparison to the Stanley Cup series with Chicago and Philadelphia. The beatings. The non-stop action. Hockey truly can be both riveting and tiring to those who watch. But I'm glad I dedicated a night to the newly crowned Stanley Cup winners vs watching another drawn out episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Congratulations Chicago Blackhawks on a job well done.

Day 51

The disaster in the Gulf is truly heartbreaking. As day 51 comes to a close, pelicans clean themselves of dirty oil while porpoises swim through sludge looking for food. Yet nobody knows how much oil continues to flow - killing wildlife and the livelihood of millions of people in the South. Where are the answers BP? And why does it seem the US government isn't exploring every option to distinguish this fire?

Stupid People

Because an IDIOTIC COUPLE let their dogs' rabies vaccination expire, and because they didn't want to spend the $5K it would take to quarantine their pets, they had to euthanize them. I can understand them not having the money to save their dogs as the economy is tough right now. But did they even try other means like a fundraiser? What about calling Ellen? She loves pets. So instead, they gave up - and easily on two of their family members. Stupid and irresponsible. What happens when they can't afford to buy their kids bananas? Will they let them starve? Idiots.

Kylie Gets Wet

Kylie performed at New York's Splash last weekend. What's amazing is that in years past, someone may wonder, "Why would she do such a small venue?" But because of social media, and the sharing of videos, one little performance can go global in an instant. So, from that, I do my part to pass along the icon that is Kylie.

Lady Gaga's Alejandro Video

The wait is over. Check out Gaga's latest video, Alejandro below. The eight minute production is short on plot and most likely will draw comparisons to when Madonna made an effort with her videos including Vogue and Like a Prayer. But the reel is all Gaga as it includes men in heels sporting monk wigs.

I'm not as big of a fan as before, but Lady Gaga still intrigues me enough to buy tickets to her performance at Chicago's Lollapalooza in August. Here's to hoping the weather holds for what's expected to be quite the big weekend with both the Haus of Gaga and Market Days storming into the Windy City from August 6-8, 2010.

On The Today Show this morning, there was a segment noting how many allergens, chemicals and other unwanted items are on your shoes. So the expert noted not to wear your soles in the house as these nasty elements can remain in your home for over a week. That, and nobody wants street poo embedded in their carpet.


I've highlighted Joe Manganiello on PTT in the past. In fact, it's the picture to the left that started it all. But now that he's been cast as Alcide (a werewolf) in season three of True Blood, I'm thinking he'll see more blog time in the summer of 2010. And that's okay. Especially when he's such things as, "Werewolves are animals and in my mind they should be very muscular. Not an extra ounce of fat on them. Really ripped. I wanted people to look at Alcide and think, 'wow, he's a super strong animal.'" Sounds good to me.

Elton Turns HIs Back for $1M

Rush Limbaugh believes only heterosexuals should get married and routinely slams the gay lifestyle. So it makes perfect sense that Elton John would accept $1M to perform at Limbaugh's wedding this past weekend. WTF? Thanks for supporting the cause Elton.

Ready for a club track that glides along with diva pulse that has hints of vintage Madonna vocals? I personally can't wait to hear this one full force at the gym later today. Check it out HERE.

Speaking of New Music

RedOne, ever since helping Lady Gaga to create The Fame, has been the producer of choice for EVERYBODY. And I mean everybody. As a result, he thought, "I'll just start my own girl band!" So away he went to Sweden to find himself five girls who he could mold into the next Girls Aloud (a big UK act for those readers stateside who aren't lucky enough to hear their music on the radio). Check out Love Generation's first single below. It's a Euro pop kind of morning here on PTT.

New & Noteworthy: Miike Snow The Rabbit

I'm sure you haven't heard of Miike Snow (and no, that's not a misspelling). But, the Swedish band does feature two producers, Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg, who under the guise of Bloodshy & Avant, produced tracks for Kylie, Kelis and Britney's Toxic (to which they won a Grammy). So, that should ring a bell.

Anyhoo, they've released a new track, The Rabbit, remixed by Stuart Price (who seems to be everywhere these days providing a "glam" sound to new recordings). One could say The Rabbit sounds like an Adam Lambert record - which is fine by me as I enjoy his debut For Your Entertainment. Check out the newly released video below.

Almost a Year Later

Because I was out snapping off another tiki torch echinacea stem that decided to wilt, I thought I'd perform an impromptu photo shoot with Whinnie. It's almost been a year since we found her at the West Suburban Animal Shelter. She's all grown up - with fur and all. If only I could keep her from shedding like a Christmas tree in January.

Going Down

The Euro hit a new low against the dollar Friday - taking out support at the previous low of $1.2110 set earlier in the week. Of course, this is good news as our trip to Mykonos is on track to be cheaper than ever!

Avoiding Bieber Fever

I know Bieber Fever is taking over America (as demonstrated on The Today Show this morning, but I'm having a hard time jumping aboard the teen sensation's party train. For starters, he flips his hair around more often than Gaga changes outfits. And there's something in his smile that seems a bit controlling. Just wait. He's going to turn into one crazy monster - and not the Gaga kind.

Ahead of the Curve

It seems as though the McD French ad featuring a gay teen is causing quite the commotion. Just another example of PTT being ahead of the curve as I noted the ad earlier this week before it became a media sensation with over 1MM hits on YouTube.

Bill O'Reilly is an Idiot

Why would someone compare the message in the McDonald's ad I featured on PTT a few days back to that of Al-Qaeda? Once again, Bill O'Reilly SHOWS HIS IGNORANCE. Check out the ad below.

Boy Band Alert: The Wanted's All Time Low

Will the boy band ever find its way back to America? If not, you always can rely on the British to continue pumping these groups out time and time again. And that's exactly why we love the UK!

Justin isn't making his own music lately. Instead, he's focused his energies on developing artists such as the singer featured on this week's Club One entry. The remix is fierce with hints of vintage Prince. Check out the track HERE.

Alejandro Sneak Peak Video

Here's a sneak peak to Lady Gaga's Alejandro video. I'd say she's channeling vintage Madonna with hints of Vogue's use of black and white and styling. Check it out below.

Why Didn't I Think of This?

Sometimes, you see an idea and think, "Why didn't I think of this?" That happened this morning when I saw The Today Show featuring an story on Crazy Bands. In short, they are rubber bands, in a variety of shapes, that glow-in-the-dark. And apparently, these inexpensive collectibles are currently the hottest fad for kids. For $5, you get a package of 24. So Crazy Bands are inexpensive and feed kids' appetite for looking cool. Again, "Why didn't I think of this?"

Just Because