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What Paul Ryan Thinks

Paul Ryan, VP nominee, wants to give opportunities to the young and old. Just not gay and lesbians.

Oh, and Paul, you have a problem with the stimulus? Then why did you ask for some of the money? Umhmmm. That's what I thought.

PTT Likes Adam Charlton

My friend Rick posted a "like" to Rough Muscles on Facebook. So I went looking for more as I liked what I saw. From that search, I found my way to the shot below. Apparently his name is Adam Charlton. All I can say is WOW.

PTT Recommends Little Mix

Little Mix and their single "Wings" takes over as my new fave tune. Leave it to a British girl group and winner of UK's "X Factor" to hit a pop home run.

Just So U Know

The Republican Platform includes:

The platform affirms the rights of states and the federal government not to recognize same-sex marriage. It backs a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

PTT Comments More on RNC

Considering NJ Governor Chris Christie doesn't feel as though Gays and Lesbians should be allowed to marry, or have civil unions for that matter, how about we take away some of his rights too. Perhaps the ability to stuff his face at Krispy Kreme. Sure, one wrong doesn't make a right, but it's very difficult to hold my tongue against someone who hates my life - one that doesn't impact his at all. Thanks Christie Kreme.

PTT Comments on the RNC

I have a hard time listening to Ann Romney talk about how her husband loves everyone when, in fact, he doesn't. So Ann, it's not about love. But hate.

Muscle Music

Really? Mitt Shops @ Costco?

Mitt Romney just makes me cringe. It's not because he's Republican. In fact, I agree with some of party's philosophies. But rather, it's because Mitt doesn't seem genuine - at all. For example, take his Sunday morning talk show appearance where he and his wife Ann told the American public they shop at Costco. Apparently, Ann buys Kirkland shirts - a three pack. I guess they aren't out-of-touch rich people after all.

PTT's Saturday Night

For my friend Mike's birthday, we ventured out last night for dinner. And surprisingly, we ended up at Spin Nightclub to play pool. Though, some of us disappeared to the lower level as Sharon Needles, current RuPaul Drag Race winner, was performing.

She was "spooky" like I expected. But for $20, I assumed she would perform more than two numbers - each one 30 minutes apart!

New Adventure

3D emoticon 185

As some of you know through my posts on Facebook, we're taking off on a new business adventure. Ever since moving to Europe in 2005, we have talked about finding a concept and making it better. Well, we finally identified one. Oddly enough, it came about because I was constantly getting colds. So based on the advice of a friend, I started doing something everyday. As a result, I haven't been sick since. A testament to the healing power of her recommendation. So, we are targeting next summer to open what we are calling a "re-imagined retail concept." I'd love to give more specifics, but that might tip our hat. Let's just say it will be unexpected. And that's an amazing thing.

Max Martin Does it Again, and Again, and Again

Max Martin takes yet another artist to #1. Taylor Swift finds herself sitting atop the Hot 100 as "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" now stands as her first #1 record. I knew the first time I heard the record someone from the Sweden, specifically Martin, had to be involved in the track's production.

Slamming Mitt

If you want to increase views on YouTube, just go shirtless. That, and use a popular boy band song. Check out a parody of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" that slams Mitt on his taxes and more.

Total Motivation

If you need any motivation to keep those pounds off for the last few weeks of summer, or any time of year really, look no further than Stuart Reardon. Sweet Jesus he gets it right. Stuart makes me wanna run out and get a tattoo.

Thanks to Oh La La for the images.

Thank God 4 the CW

Thumbs Up Billy and Kit

I gotta say. I love Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live. They have great chemistry and make for fun morning TV. Too bad I don't catch them often. But I suppose that's why they created DVRs.

So Sweet

This story brought tears to my eyes. The pup reminds me of our first dog, Maddie. It was tough for her to walk and we had to carry her towards the end of her life. Perhaps if she would have liked the water, we could have done the same as the man in this story. Instead, she was happiest in bed in the morning. Not on my side of course. I can't stand dog hair. :)

If Only...

If only we all could have a photoshopper on call to retouch bad photos - especially those taken by an iPhone.

Mirror, Mirror Mitt

Blasting President Barack Obama for running a campaign of “hate,” Mitt Romney delivered a blistering critique of the tone of the election.

“Mr. President, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago and let us get about rebuilding and reuniting America,” Romney said to the cheers of thousands crowded into the streets here.

Really Romney? You blame Democrats for spewing anger and hate? Look in the mirror Mitt.

Unknown Olympic Hottie

Clemente Russo - Spanish Boxer

Sheena @ Market Days

I've never been a big fan of Northalsted Market Days, but this year was exceptionally fun. House parties. Brunch. Sheena. Dancing outside of Hydrate. And the biggest joy of the entire weekend, seeing Olivia Newton John perform (photos to come).

As for Sheena, she put on a great show. A bit slow in parts (let's not forget it's a gay street party so limit the ballads). But her music took us back to the 80s and 90s (as did her white pant suit).

It's a Sign

A sign that Northalsted Market Days is upon us.

Welcome Olivia...and Sheena...and...

Who would have ever thought when I was 8 years old, singing Olivia Newton-John's Xanadu and Physical, that in 30+ years I'd be watching her sing live at the Midwest's largest gay street festival: Chicago's Northalsted Market Days. Throw in Sheena Easton and Pointers Sisters and you have an amazing flash back weekend in the Windy City!

Something Just Came Up

Sometimes you get excited at the wrong times. Henrik Rummel, US rower, obviously didn't plan on getting aroused during his medal ceremony. That's life Henrik.

Sometimes U Just Need 2 Smile

A Storm Was a Brewing

Saturday night, a massive storm whipped through Chicago. The weather system cleared the streets of debris as well as 150,000 Lollapalooza fans. Talk about a cleaning effect.

Rockin' the Beard

David Kimmerle

I have serious reservations that David's physique is 100% natural. It's nearly impossible to support that type of muscle definition with food and supplements. But in any case, he's handsome, well spoken and so sexy. Check out his video below.

PTT Men of 2012 Olympics

Ryan Bailey, USA Water Polo team, likes to throw balls. Nuf' said.

PTT Men of 2012 Olympics

Andre Vonarburg is a rower from Switzerland. Row your way to Chicago big guy.

The Man in the Moon in London

Photographer Luke MacGregor captured these images of a full moon in London during the Olympics. All rights belong to Reuters.

Paddy's Crush

My friend Patrick was quite enamored with Florent Manaudou - especially as he stood on during the medal ceremony. I get it. But from the photo, I'd go for the scruffy one. Name TBD.

Dancin' 4 the Weekend

As featured on the latest DJ Lutty MIX. Track one Alex Clare's "Too Close" remixed by Jason Nevins.