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For the Hekk of It


Sounds like something Stefan would say on SNL.

For the Hekk of It

I guess Ryan Gosling likes Warby Parker too. Apparently he's sporting the Preston frames. Who's looking at the glasses?

Get on the Down Low Apollo

I've never watched an episode of "Housewives" on Bravo. But this weekend, Atlanta sucked me in - and I blame Apollo Vida. The handsome husband of Phaedra has a sexy body adorned with tattoos and a face that keeps on giving. I say he should go on the down low and visit the Windy City where he'll find me waiting with open arms.

This is Just About Right

Some my not understand what's up with the big headphones, but it's all about the sound, the music, the beats. So I get it. Not in the gym however.

PTT Fast Fact

Coldest Spring opener in 48 years in the Windy City. Well that blows.

Hot Jesus!

Diogo Morgado stars in The History Channel's "The Bible." And many are calling him "hot Jesus." Yep, makes sense.

FU Mama

Well good one Mother Nature. You gave us nice weather through January. So as a result, it's time to pay the piper. 24 degrees for the first day of Spring? And 28 degrees next week? No warm temperatures until April? Really? All I have to say to you my dear is "Fuck off."

You Go Wendy!

According to, "The Wendy Williams Show" is on a roll. Not surprising. I'm hooked at 11 p.m.! Sure, it's like a train wreck at times, but Wendy's colorful commentary, and studio audience to match, are a great way to end the day.

In an unusual move, Lionsgate-owned Debmar-Mercury is adding two months of original episodes to the fourth season of The Wendy Williams Show, extending production through June and July. The move is aimed at keeping the momentum of the daytime syndicated talk show, which just posted ratings highs and the biggest gains of any syndie talk show during the February sweeps. Wendy finished as the fourth-highest-rated metered market talk show among women 25-54, averaging a 1.1/7 during the month. That was up 47% in the demo from the November 2012 sweep. The ratings climb started with the expansion in mid-December of the Wendy fan-favorite “Hot Topics” segment. “I have the greatest fans in daytime TV, and I’m so excited to be giving fans more fun throughout the summer,” Williams said. “If it were up to me, we’d have a show every day, all year long!” While Wendy has aired occasional originals in July, this will be the show’s first all-original summer run since its six-week test on the Fox stations in 2008.

Yes Justin - and Not Bieber or Timberlake

I've turned the corner in regards to my thoughts about Justin Theroux. Jennifer Anniston's BF is smokin hot - fitting into my current lumberjack infatuation.

For the Hekk of It - Dave and Ryan

I had my photo shoot today for my new real estate website and DL branding efforts. Cheryl Mann, the photographer, gave me a compliment saying, "You look like that Ryan actor guy." Yes, she was referring to Ryan Gosling (only much older I'm thinking). Once I have the photos, I'll let you be the judge - especially Hekk who adores him. I'm guessing he'll say, "No way." But you never know!

More Please

Blue's bisexual Brit boybander Duncan James likes to take pics in the locker room of his beefed up self. I'm not complaining.

Thanks Xavier, Tim and Clive!

I've been a big music fan my entire life. For example, I'd go into Musicland early, before my shift, to read Billboard magazine. And songs always take me back to a time and place such as listening to the B-52's "Love Shack" while driving around Lawrence on a Friday night in my Geo Metro, as a college freshman, trying to feel part of the party scene I hadn't found yet.

So I was very excited when my friend Xavier and Tim gave me today Clive's memoir - signed by him. They've told him I'm a avid listener to radio and the artists it creates. I can't wait to dive in and learn more about the man I hope to meet in person one day.

Poodle Exercising?

This "Poodle" exercise video definitely falls under the category of, "Say whaaaaaaa?"

My Kind of Clients

I haven't watched Lifetime's The Client List. But with previews of this Jennifer Love Hewitt starring vehicle featuring an onslaught of hotties, I might just have to endure her bad Southern accent on Sunday night at 9.

On the Hunt

It's not easy finding out who the hottie is in the new Kindle Paperwhite spot. Nobody seems to know. But understand PTT is on it! So sexy.

Explaining Social Media in 2013

If you're having a hard time knowing and understanding all the social media channels, take a look at the image below. It quickly, and humorously, details every outlet.

Golden Yet Not So Golden

Golden Boy on CBS, starring PTT noted hottie Theo James, didn't explode in the TV ratings (around 9.4 million), but CBS has decided to commit to the crime drama for the remainder of the season. So Theo isn't unemployed yet. Though being shirtless on the beach, without a job, wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Crossfit Kyle

I have no idea what ECTD is, nor do I care really. But I am interested in Kyle and his Crossfit hotness featured in the video. You'll find him on a weight bench and on the couch. Check it out. Don't get distracted by the hooded bugger.

Anthony Can Check Me Anytime

How did I miss this ad for breast cancer in 2011 (or maybe it's just slipped my mind)? Forget the Kindle husband, I'll take Anthony. Heck, why do I need to chose? I'll take both.

I'll Take One

Staying home on a Friday night has its advantages. For example, I was fortunate to see on network TV Amazon's new ad for its Kindle Paper White. The spot features a very handsome man but one who's gay - an unexpected twist in the commercial. I'll take one please. The handsome man that is.

Shout Out!

Let me give a shout out to my friend Nick in the UK who catches up on PTT while on the train to and from work. Thanks for the text buddy!

Oh Ricky, UR so Fine...